2016 November Greetings from the President

Hello, my name is Danya Vander Lugt. My family and I have had the pleasure of living year-round on beautiful Hess Lake for five years now. As a Michigander I have learned to appreciate every season, but fall is my favorite time of year, especially on Hess Lake. I love watching the lake quietly reflect the changing color of the trees, taking a lazy afternoon boat ride with my two dogs and witnessing the magnificent harvest moon rise over the lake. I know we all have cherished memories of time spent with family and friends on the lake and feel protective about what goes on in our community.

As we welcome new residents, I think it is important to clarify any confusion residents may have about the difference between the Hess Lake Improvement Association (HLIA) and the Hess Lake Board (HLB). The HLIA is a volunteer, leadership team that promotes community well being and plans social events for Hess Lake residents. Unlike the HLB, we have no mandate to make decisions regarding water testing, property taxes, septic issues, etc.

With so many potential changes coming to our area, I know that there are understandably a few “hot topics” that can spark rumors and lead to frustration. The purpose of the HLIA is to listen to the concerns and ideas of our residents and vote on the best way to move forward. We all need to be willing to work together on productive solutions as we continue to make our lake a fun and safe place for the enjoyment of all.

The HLIA begins each season with The Family Memorial Day Walk for Veterans and Carp Round Up in May, The Hess Lake Yard Sales in June, The Ring of Fire and Boat Parade in July, and The HLIA Members Picnic in August. These events are sponsored by the HLIA and the membership dues help to make it happen. Not only do you receive a sign, membership card and newsletter twice a year, but you become an informed resident of the Hess Lake community by becoming a member.

As we bid farewell to summer, I would like to encourage you to join us in some of these events and to attend the meetings we hold on the second Monday of the month in April through October at 6:30pm in the Brooks Township Hall. Your participation in the HLIA will help us continue to promote camaraderie and a shared vision of constant improvement for Hess Lake’s residents and neighbors!

See you on the lake,



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