Carp Reduction Event

Carp Round-Up For 2019

We need help to reduce the number of Carp in Hess Lake!

In 2019, our Carp Round-Up will begin Sunday, May 26 and go through Sunday, June 9.  The collection site will be ope 7-7:30 PM. We need volunteers to record the catch. Two dollars per carp for the first 100 and one dollar for carp after the first 100. The collection site is just east of the Wheeler Bridge – follow the signs.

Something new….show up at 1575 Hess Lake Drive for the lesson below.

Saturday, May 25, 10-10:30 Ben Lester will hold a free instruction session on rigging a 20 pound leader. You need a tough rod with a heavy duty reel filled with 20 lb. line. Ben will teach you how to rig with boiled shell corn and a single hook. More carp were caught last year this way than netting and spearing combined. The leader is all you need for the rig will be provided.

Removing carp will help develop the populations of other types of desirable fish in Hess Lake. Catch a carp? Don’t throw it back in the lake!