Contact Information For Zone Reps

Hess Lake Improvement Association

PRESIDENT Rich Bosowski
Katie Lipner

SECRETARY  Karla Fettig
TREASURER  Jeff French

Zone Reps

ZONE 1 REP  Jason Stefans,
ZONE 2 REP Betty Pennington   231-452-6619
ZONE 3 REP Pat Bertrand         231-834-1092
ZONE 4 REP Rich Bosowski   517-930-0297
Zone 5 REP
ZONE 6 REP        
Zone 7 REP  Terry Roelofs  231-652-1386
Alternate Pool
 Shawn Wigent  231-652-4124
 Jamie DeWard  616-821-1599
 Karla Fettig  508-577-1200
 Del Hirdes 616-240-1182
 Katie Lipner  231-834-9915
Elisabeth Sochacki

Digital Media Coordinator

8 Responses to Contact Information For Zone Reps

  1. Eric Johnson says:

    I look for 2011 Winter Fest at and found that they still have last year’s flyer posted.

  2. Jerry says:

    I’ve noticed that myself and have inquired as to why this is like it is. I was told it would be fixed soon. That was 3-weeks ago. For info to Winterfgest call: (231) 652-3068

  3. Bonnie Griffith says:

    The HLIA website redesign looks great! My compliments.

  4. Dorothy Pearson says:

    I recently received my copy of the HESS LAKE GUIDEBOOK, and must commend the authors for a fine publication. As a new member I found so much helpful and interesting information. I hope to put it to use this coming season, and look forward to spending time at and on the Lake that you so carefully work to preserve. A grrreat big THANKS!!!!

  5. Jane says:

    My grandfather participated in boat racing events on Hess lake from 1929-the early 30’s. Where can we find information or photos from those early boat races? Do you maintain any historical artifacts from the Hess Lake Boat Club of that era? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank-You!

    • Jerry Swendrowski says:

      I’m sorry, but we do not have any historical artifacts from the Hess Lake Boat Club from that era. May I suggest checking the Newaygo museum perhaps.

  6. Jennifer Espinoza says:

    When are the Hess Lake Yard Sales?

  7. Alana Ford says:

    I have lived on the lake for a long time, and have been very much against the destroying of the swan’s eggs and the swans, it made me sick a few years ago when I saw them being clubbed to death and captured just to take them to be gassed to death. They were here long before all these city people came up here, all they care about is partying. It just seems to me that there ought to be some laws about there drinking and driving there boats on the lake. They don’t have any respect or consideration for the people that have been here way before they came they came.

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