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Hess Lake Improvement Association

October 10, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President  Danya VanderLugt.

All guest were introduced.

Those present:  Terry Roelofs, Ben Lester, Pat Bertrand,  Diane French, Rich Bosowski, Shaun Wiegent, Danya Landerlugt, Katie Lipner, Renee Finkbeiner, Jason Stefans, Denny Brown,  Del Hirdes, Karla  Fettig

Organizational Items:

1. The minutes from the September  meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

2. Renee presented the Treasurers Report for Ramona:

Beginning Balance: $14,466.56, 659 .69 expenses for Web fee, sign replacement and insurance. Ending balance: 13806.91.

Treasurer’s report was approved.

3. Renee gave the Hess Lake Board report:    HLB is going out with an RFP for Lake control for 2017

4. 2017 Calendar was discussed and will be placed on the agenda for the first meeting in 2017.

5. Social Activities: Karla Fettig asked if any activities are going to be held during the winter. Winterfest is not going to happen this year. Karla asked if she could work on a social gathering at a venue such as Smugglers and have a little money to pull this off. We discussed this and a motion was made and passed to provide $100 for each of two different dates during the winter.

5. Newsletter should be in the mail. It was also suggested each Zone Rep be given 5 extra copies to have when we welcome new home owners. A motion was made and passed for the spring newsletter printing.

6. Annual review of by-laws. The current by-laws were accepted for the coming year.

7.    Ben reported the missing sign has been ordered and will be put up when he has it.  The HLIA sign will need painting      in the spring since Ben replaced all the screws. Thank you Ben!

8. Wild Life report: Denny Brown will get the permits for the goose roundup, Jason Steffens and Shaun Wigent will go to the Novi meeting . Rich Bosowski will be on point for the HLIA Leadership.

New Business

9. Del Hirdes reported he had looked up our organization on the Not for Profit site and found our status has expired. Ramona’s name is listed as the contact person on the last document..  The expense is less than $100 to apply for this status. A motion was made and passed to reapply for the non profit status. Ramona will need to do.

10. Website—it was also noted the redlined version of the by-laws is still posted on the website. Ramona will need to fix.

11. Ben stated he plans to make a motion to eliminate the membership card at the first spring meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30

Respectfully submitted, Diane French, Secretary

September 12, 2016
The The meeting was called to order by President Danya VanderLugt. All guest were introduced.
Organizational Items:
1. The minutes from the August meeting were reviewed and approved as written.
2. Ramona presented the treasurer’s report: Balance: $13,806.91. Expenses for the month were for web hosting, insurance and sign repair. Treasurer’s report was approved.
3. Signs for 2017 were discussed and Del Hirdes stated since Graphicus has sold we should go out for bids for 2017. Discussion followed regarding the logo and it was felt we might want to be more assertive in that fact that we own that logo. The motion was made to check other companies for quotes .  Motion was passed so Ramona will get bids before Spring meeting.
4. Renee Finkbeiner gave the Hess Lake Board report:
 HLB is going out with an RFP for Lake control for 2017
 The 3rd application of muck Pellets was applied. The aeration system is working
 HLB has requested $75K for next year. Their budget in past has been 40-45K. There will be a meeting October 19 at 6 PM for presentation and letters will be sent to the lake property owners.
5. Pig Roast— Ben reported there were about 70 in attendance. Again, rain put a damper on the event. Discussion followed as to what we might do next year. Where and what a menu might be were discussed with no decision. Will be discussed in the spring.
6. Newsletter is due to be out by before mid October. Anyone with a report to submit needs to submit to Diane by the last week o f September. The fall newsletter goes to members only. Ramona will supply Mike and HiLites the member list with addresses.
7. Boaters safety was discussed and it is felt we should publicize the rules more around the lake since many appear to not know who must have the class to operate a water vehicle. There were several incidents reported that appeared to be due to a lack of understanding of rules.
8. Boat Wash— Ben stated we had very few boats washed however, felt the relationship building with the Muskegon Watershed is beneficial. More education should be done about how boats carry bad weeds, etc from lake to lake if they are moved around for fishing or pleasure.
9. WinterFest— Del shared the Chamber is not planning Hess Lake activities for 2017, may think about for 2018.
Unscheduled items:
1. Ben reported the missing sign has not been found for Zone 4. A motion was made and passed to get a zone sign price to get it ordered . Ben will get a price and he will get approval via email in order to move forward.
2. Membership sign delivery— many ideas were brought up for how to get the signs delivered to those who pay dues. Some feel the Zone Reps should host a gathering in their zone to meet folks and let them get their membership items. More discussion will follow in the spring.
Meeting adjourned 8 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Diane French, Secretary

August 2016

The meeting was called to order byZone Rep Renee Finkbeiner at 6:30pm

Present: Betty P., Pat B, Terry R., Ben L, Danya V, Renee F., Ramona D and Denny B

Missing: Diane F.

Guests: Del Herdes, Katie Lipner, Shawn Wigent, Jason Stefans, Carla Fettig, Kyle Burket

Treasurers Report : Ramona Reported we stared our balance with $9673.24. Our expenses for the month were 11.98 (web hosting), our deposits were $5550.00.

Ending balance for the month is 15,211.26

Current Members: 227

Minutes from July Meeting were approved

AT Run Update: Kyle B. gave us a recap of the AT Run. Kyle noted this second year went smoother but there are still areas for improvement. The race brought in 12,370.00 this year (part of the money was from runners, some from sponsors and some from donations). A portion of the money will go to AT admin in Florida (12%) and the rest goes to AT research.

Kyle explained they still had a few expenses outstanding (like the timing company) but so far there was 2,900 in expenses.

When members asked if the race would continue on next year Kyle told us yes and he felt it would be even bigger next year. Most of the runners came in from the GR area but there were about 24 from the Newaygo area.

Kyle will have a recap report for us to put in the fall newsletter

HLB Report: Katie Lipner reported that 2 batches of muck pellets have been placed in two coves. One where we currently have a bubblier and the other in a small cove around the corner. Before the pellets were placed in either cove a test was performed to find out how deep the muck was in that cove. 17” was as deep as the tester could go but it was known more was beneath it.

Katie also reported there was a person on the lake who purchased a type of bubblier to place by his dock to see if he could get some improvement of the muck in front of his property. The man reported to Katie he has noticed some improvement since he installed the bubblier.

Members asked if any of us could put a bubblier by their property. Kaite and Renee told the group some research needed to be done to see if permits were necessary for citizens. Katie said she would find out more information and post it on the Hess Lake Face Book page.

Pig Roast: Shawn W. reported that he ordered the pig from a butcher in Allendale . The pig would be around 150 pounds. After some discussion Shawn and Terry explained the budget of 500 was not going to be enough to cover everything from aluminum trays to the propane for the event a motion was made to increase the budget to 600.00. This amount would not include the porta jon. Volunteers are needed for the event. Katie Lipner was going to put some details on the Face Book page about the event and remind people to bring their membership cards.

Kayak Event: Ramona reported she would hold the event in the cove where she lives. There is not a great deal of traffic in that area and if it’s windy the water would be calmer. It was discussed to have a few divisions for the event (kids, men women) and if there was enough sign ups a paddle board division.

Prizes would be awarded not cash. A motion for a budget of 200 was voted on to be divided out in all the groups.

Election of Officers/Alternates:

Renee told the group that she was willing to be Vice President and Danya said she was stepping into the President role. Although Diane was not present for the meeting it was noted she was willing to continue on as Secretary. Ramona was also willing to continue on as Treasure.

Before Reps/alternates were voted in Ramona expressed concerns of not having all officers finish their terms at the same time. There was some discussion about this and it was decided we needed new verbage to be voted on for our by-laws.

Members who volunteered to be zone reps/alternates were: Shawn Wigent, Jason Stefans, Karla Fettig, Del Hirdes and Katie Lipner. Thanks so much to everyone who stepped up and we are looking forward to a great future for HLIA

Newsletter ideas: Renee reminded us if we had any news articles that we wanted placed in the fall newsletter we needed to get them to Diane either before or at the next HLIA meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45

Next meeting: Sept 12, 6:30

July 2016

Those in attendance: Ben Lester, Diane French, Ramona Deters, Pat Bertrand, Renee Finkbeiner, Betty Pennington Denny Brown, Mr. Pennington, Danya VanderLugt, Del Hirdes

The July meeting was called to order by President Ben Lester. .
Organizational Items:
1. The minutes from the June 2016 meeting were reviewed and approved as written.
2. Ramona presented the treasurer’s report: Balance: $13,525.55.  Ben presented a bill for copies for meeting. These were approved for payment. Treasurer’s report was approved.
3. Ramona reported the following:
 Beginning balance $10,194.60
 Deposits $ 5, 295.00
 Expenses $418.99
 Balance $15070.61
 Current number of members: 207
 Flares—this is the first year we ran out and had the same number on hand. Profit for this year was $717 however, 2 cases plus a few singles were paid for in 2015 so not true profit. May need to consider larger order next year. The Party Store owner was paid .25/flare and a membership.
Organizational Items:

Annual Meeting Review—discussion followed with how to get more lake residents to attend. Nothing specific was agreed upon however an idea of a different location on the lake might work, different time, maybe have coffee and doughnuts or pancake breakfast. No specific location was identified however will continue to think about this before next year.
Renee Finkbeiner gave the Hess Lake Board report:
 The HLB met today and folks from other lakes and the DEQ were present to discuss why there has to be more testing when treatment types are done such as aeration since this make the projects more costly. It was agreed they would look at it and get back to the HLB in 2-3 months.
 Muck Pellets were placed in the cover where the aeration system is along with the cover on the other side of Peninsula Drive. Another drop will be in July and August. Savin made the decision on location based on muck levels. These pellets are an enzyme approach. There is no additional  tax levied for this but if it works there could be more done in the future
 There will not be algae bloom treatment because they are not effective nor do they last.  The board instead choose to use the money to pay for muck pellets
A– T walk update—no one present to report however, someone reported on facebook the road repair will not interfere

End of Summer Pig Roast— Terry was not present to discuss so tabled until next meeting

Kayak Race idea was discussed for the same day as the Pig Roast. Ramona will be on point for the event. August 20 at 9 am and starting point will be discussed and information will be placed on the HLIA sign once obtained.
Election of Officers:
 Darlene Bond resigned due to traveling more in job, Jo Heidman moved away
 Shawn Wigent has agreed to be an alternate
 Denny Brown has resigned from Wildlife Lead but will apply for license next spring.
 Ben has stated he will not take President role for this year.
 No one on current team volunteered to be President or Vice President therefore tabled until August meeting.
We are all encourage to find people interested in getting involved.
 Diane will put together and send out the August Agenda so get topics to her.
Ben reported a wash was held at the launch and only one boat was launched but he feels he is establishing a good
relationship with the DNR and DEQ. The next wash is Sept 13 from 10 to noon
Improvement Areas
1. Aquatic Plants— appears good vegetation coming back.
2. Resident Concerns: nothing new
3. Sedimentation and Water Depth – Ben has resigned as President because he wants to work with the Road Commission and agencies who care for the Wheeler Drain to see how it can be managed more efficiently with the intention of the drain improved
since the dirt is falling back in and the vegetation which was planted a few years ago has been destroyed. He will report back to HLIA and HLB. Hess Lake has a huge impact on the county and town of Newaygo. It would be good to gain interest from agencies and people to get Grants, etc. Would have impact on our home values and economics of the community.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:00. Next meeting is August 8, 2016 at 6:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Diane French, Secretary

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by President Diane French at 10:00 am
Introductions of Zone Reps and officers were made at 10:05am – Absent were Renee Finkbeiner, Denny Brown, Danya VanderLugt and Pat Bertrand
There were 43 people in attendance
The 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved
Treasurer’s Report
Checking account balance:  $13,897.46
C D balance:  $16,245.27
Memberships to date:  154

Leadership Positions
We need representatives for Zones 2, and also 4
We also need 5 zone alternates.

General Business:
Tony from HLB spoke about the aeration placed on cove by Rich Bosowski.   This cove is a test to see if it works.  There were a few questions from audience about what the aerators would do/help the lake.  Tony said they would improve oxygen in the lake as well as help decrease the algae.  The aerators may even help with muck but too soon to tell.
Questions from floor – Are there other aerators on nearby lakes – No
How long will they run? – Will be turned off in the Fall.
Will boats hit the aerators? – No, the water is plenty deep in the area.
Katie L. explained to group the DNR demand test on lakes for base data.  HLB is trying to play by the very strict rules they were given.
Rich B explained how other lakes have systems and it working pretty good but they were not required to do the extensive testing Hess Lake was.  The state can shut down the project when and if they choose because of how the permit is written.
Tony explained we can treat the rest of the lake for milfoil but not the cove where the aeration is located.
Cheryl R. assured everyone there would not be any tax increase for this project.
Betty Bosowski spoke about the First Annual 1 Mile Walk for Vets which was held on May 23, 2015. Katie helped Betty Bosowski with the memorial day walk/run.

There were 65 people and 4 veterans. Donations were:  $105 in gift cards, $350 from HLI A, $350 from the Grand Rapids VFW and a big table piled high with other donations (socks, shampoo, calling cards, gift cards to stores and food establishments, etc.)
It was a great success and they will have it again next year. The event will be held on Saturday, May 28, 2016 at the pole barn across from Betty and Rich B.  Food donations are always welcome.  The “wish list” for 2016 will be posted on the Hess Lake Face Book page.

Lake Buoy
Terry R. explained people who had any lake buoys on their property and had been storing them should put them out when the water goes down and it’s warmer.  He will help anyone who needs assistance with placing the buoys in the water.
Wild Life
Denny Brown is the wild life person who gathers permits when they are needed.  Because of the late Spring it was not know how many geese we had on the lake this year.  We need to find the eggs before they hatch and the water levels were high so difficult to find.  We have about 40 geese on the lake this year.
Also a news update regarding the geese and permits, the DNR would not honor any new permits or ones already given out because of  a “Bird Flu” outbreak so we would not have been able to do a round up this year.
When the goose round up is done in 2016 Denny will be working with a different person than our past woman.  For cost reasons as well as work ability.
There was a great deal of discussion and disgruntlement about all the geese on the lake and the “gifts” they leave on docks /yards.  The HLIA Team tried hard to express understanding about the member’s complaints but the DNR took control out of our hands this year by not issuing permits.  Hopefully next year will be a better year for getting a permit as well as finding all the nests.
Carp Round Up
50 Carp were removed from the lake
Catfish Fry
The event will take place on August 29 at Terry & Pat Roelofs at 5:00, 1556 Lockwood Ct.
Resident Concerns
Ben explained why he wanted to change the name from the HLIA Board to the HLIA Leadership Team – too many people conflicted with HLB Board and HLIA Board.
Ben explained that each monthly meeting would consist of 15 minutes to discuss important lake topics (ie: nutrient loading).  You can find schedule on web site.
Audience questioned why the meeting had to be on Monday night  because it was difficult for working people to attend who didn’t live on the lake full time.  There was some discussion but it was decided that there would not be a time that would work for everyone.
Speeding Cars
Residents concerned about cars racing around the lake.  Solutions – call Sheriffs dept. , take down license plate number as well as color of car and they will deal with it.
Jerry S.  recommended the Leadership Team look into more speed limit signs for the roads. This will have to be checked with Kelly Smith

The annual  Hess Lake membership meeting was adjourned at 11:35am.
A meeting followed the general membership meeting that was lead by Jeff Coil and Mike Smith in regards to new talks about sewer being installed around the lake.  23 people stayed for the meeting.

May 9, 2016
Those in attendance: Ben Lester, Darlene Bond, Diane French, Ramona Deters, Rich Bosowski, Terry Roelofs, Pat Bertrand, Renee Finkbeiner, Jo Heidman, Betty Penninga, Denny Brown, Mr. Pennington
The May meeting was called to order by President Ben Lester. .
Organizational Items:
1. The minutes from the April 2015 meeting were reviewed and approved as written.
2. Ramona presented the treasurer’s report: Balance: $13,525.55. Ramona discussed the billing for membership signs and cards. Diane French presented the bill for publication of the newsletter and Ben presented bill for copies for meeting. These were approved for payment. Treasurer’s report was approved.
3. Ramona reported and presented the sign for 2016 along with the membership card to be given to each paid member.
4. Welcome Packets were discussed, these would be used with new resident packets. and Ramona presented pricing on the Hess Lake book. Prices were presented on color and black/white. There is too much revision needed in the information to reproduce at this time. The discussion that followed result-ed in: all members should get one in 2017 and Renee will discuss with the Hess Lake Board about up-dating the information prior to publication and use.
5. Flares were discussed since the order needs to go in. Quantity to be ordered was discussed (51 cases) and where they will be sold. Renee is going to talk to the party store since seems there is knowledge of it being sold. Terry will see if and where we can sell. Rich offered to store and sell from his pole barn.
6. Ben asked if there were any changes to the proposed list of HLIA Leadership members with terms which will be presented to the general membership for vote in June. Nothing at this time to be added, the terms listed are in alignment with what by-laws state are required. Also Pat Hedlund, Newaygo Sherriff has corresponded he is willing to come to a meeting. He will be invited to the June 18 annual meeting—Jo will contact him.
7. Renee Finkbeiner gave the Hess Lake Board report:
 The HLB is meeting May 10 to decide on the Muck Pellets and whether they will be placed in the cove with the aeration system and also the cove on the other side of the peninsula as well. Savin made the decision on location based on muck levels. These pellets are an enzyme approach. Brooks lake has been using them and they think they have seen improvement. There would be no additional tax levied for this.
 HLB is going out with an RFP to 5-6 companies to obtain new bids on water treatment.
8. Diane reported the Newsletter is in the mail, sent to tier 1 and 2 along with an addition 75 copies printed for the trailer park and others for new resident packets. Diane will deliver the extras to Ben after picking up on Thursday.
9. AT RUN: No update.
10. By-Laws revisions— had been reviewed prior and no one has any additions so they will be presented at annual meeting as written.
11. Carp reduction was discussed and location for drop off. Terry will check to see if we can proceed with the area off Hess Lake Dr. All are encouraged to catch in order to try to reduce numbers.
12.Memorial Day walk to honor our Vets and donations to Veteran’s facility. Diane will post on the Hess Lake sign. Will start at 1316 Hess Lake Dr (Bosowski pole barn) at 9 am. Donations for Vets Facility can be dropped off there.
13. End of year Pig Roast for those who join HLIA. August 27th at Bosowski Pole Barn—more information will be forth coming.
Improvement Areas
1. Aquatic Plants—Reviewed the purpose statement. Renee will review and revise as needed. Native plants are coming back, this is a good thing. Ben discussed the idea of the boat washing. Renee is going to investigate more on the idea since the water
run off would still go into the lake. The boats coming into our lake would be encouraged to wash off so that growth from other lakes would not come into our lake. To be held on May 21, June 11, July 9, August 13 on upper area at launch.
2. Resident Concerns: All were encourage to clean up around the lake and also the shore at the sand bar where so many people gather. It was reported that someone has put docks in the marsh area which is not allowed. Renee is going to contact the DNR.
3. Carp Roundup—Please continue to reduce the carp on the lake. We will be paying prize money for the person who gets the most carp and takes to the disposal area. The amount we will pay will be equal to the amounts Brooks lake is paying.: $150, $100 and $50 will be prize money. More information to come on this, see above.
4. Denny Brown permitting and discussion with Goose Busters has taken place. Once the permit is released from State the date will be scheduled—will be done prior to end of June. Goose Busters reminds us we have until that time before geese earn to fly. We will proceed If the State allows a round up this year.
No one reported the sighting of a goose nest with eggs yet there has been a few sightings on the lake of 3 families on the lake.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00. Next meeting is June13, 2016 at 6:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Diane French, Secretary

April 2016

The first meeting of the 2016 year was called to order by President Ben Lester. All guest were introduced.
The March meeting was cancelled since there were not enough members in town to have a quorum.
Organizational Items:
1. The minutes from the October 2015 meeting were reviewed and approved as written.
2. Ramona presented the treasurer’s report: Balance: $13,648.13. Ramona announced we would be using a new server, Dotser and the cost is $5.99 per month. Diane French presented receipt for the Publisher software to be able to be editor of the Newsletter. This was approved for payment. Treasurer’s report was approved.
3. Ben asked if there were any changes to the proposed changes in the bylaws which will be presented to the general membership for vote in June. Nothing at this time to be added.
4. Renee Finkbeiner gave the Hess Lake Board report:
 The aeration system is working and from now on the DEQ has added more criteria for placing them however, ours has been grandfathered in.
 HLB is researching Muck Pellets since Brooks lake has been using them and they think they have seen improvement. May place them in the next cove without aeration and compare. Getting bids and may go with this in the next cove. The pellets are an enzyme. There would be no additional tax levied for this.
 HLB is discussing not treating algae blooms since they are so transient, it is not really cost effect.
5. Newsletter is due to be out by mid May. Anyone with a report to submit needs to submit to Diane by the end of April. Diane has purchased Publisher in order to publish the newsletter since Ellen DeLong has moved off the lake.
 The spring newsletter will go to first and second tier residents of the lake. The fall newsletter will go to paid members only. Members will receive: sign, decal, HLIA membership card which can be used to get discount on flares for July 4 Ring of Fire and HL Directory.
 It was approved to get 75 extra sign newsletters printed to distribute to the trailer park residents.
6. John VanDam and Kyle  came to make us aware that the AT Race is being planned again to be run around Hess Lake. They plan to hold the event July 16 and begin at 8 am. AT is a disease that affects around 500 children. There is a website for interested people who would like more information. John Van Dam can also be contacted. If 88th St/Catalpa is under construction, they will choose an alternate route. They are planning a 10 K, 1/2 marathon and a slow half marathon. HLIA is not sponsoring this race however, we want residents to be aware of the race and anyone can volunteer to assist who would like as well as run if you would like.
7. The 2016 calendar was reviewed and Darlene Bond will get this ready for the Newsletter.
8. Ben brought the MAP box from by the HLIA sign and asked we thought maps should be inside the box for those who would like to have it as they driver around our lake. The group decided against putting the box
In place.
9. 2016 Meeting schedule was discussed. The question was raised if we should have the first meeting in April rather than March due to the people who travel away from the area in the winter and have not returned by March. The idea was voted on and with only one opposed, motion was approved.
10. All zone reps were reminded to keep the area around Zone signs cleaned up. Zone 4 sign needs to be repaired and will be taken care of by Ben.
11. Catfish roundup will not be done for the purpose of a fish fry however, all are encourage to catch to try to reduce numbers.
12. Del Hirdes came to the meeting to let the Leadership team know he is running for office in the county.
Improvement Areas
1. Aquatic Plants—Ben discussed the idea of the boat washing. Renee is going to investigate more on the idea since the water run off would still go into the lake. The boats coming into our lake would be encouraged to wash off so that growth from other lakes would not come into our lake.
2. Resident Concerns: All were encourage to clean up around the lake and also the shore at the sand bar where so many people gather. It was reported that someone has put docks in the marsh area which is not allowed. Renee is going to contact the DNR.
3. Carp Roundup—Please continue to reduce the carp on the lake. We will be paying prize money for the person who gets the most carp and takes to the disposal area. The amount we will pay will be equal to the amounts Brooks lake is paying.: $150, $100 and $50 will be prize money. More information to come on this.
4. .Denny Brown will apply for the goose round up permits and file the proper paperwork. If the State allows a round up this year, we will have them removed. Will have to wait and see what the State says.
5. . Anyone who finds a goose nest with eggs and reports to Denny will be paid $50. Denny will take the proper measures for the eggs.
6. Ben raised the issue of the Hess Lake book which was published several years ago. Ramona volunteered to find out who published them and investigate if it is possible to get more.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:00. Next meeting is May 9, 2016 at 6:30.
/ Diane

October 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by the President, Ben Lester

Attendees: Ben Lester, Ramona Deters, Diane French, Pat Bertrand, Danya VanderLugt, Terry Roelofs, Betty Pennington, Rich Bosowski, Denny Brown, Mr. Pennington

Improvement Areas Business

  1. Improvement Areas Business
    1. Aquatic Plants   – discussed possibility of doing a boat wash once a month by a group called Muskegon River Watershed Assembly, the DNR and HLIA. It would require volunteers from Hess Lake to assist. We agreed and a motion was passes it wouldn’t hurt to try it. One Saturday per month was placed on our calendar.
    2. Nutrient Loading: nothing new
    3. Resident Concerns:
      1. The idea of placing the link to the Township Website was discussed so that if lake residence need a quick place to look, the link will be there for Brooks only.
      2. The letter from Brooks Twp. Was reviewed on the latest ruling for behind the seawall work. This will be attached to the minutes.
    4. Sedimentation and Water Depth – nothing new
    5. Social Activities:
      1. Ben presented a proposed calendar of events for 2016.
        1. The Ring of Fire will be July 3 since July 4 is on Monday.
        2. Proposed Run around Hess Lake proposal. The tentative date for run: Saturday, July 16, 2016/  The AT committee plans to do a run as they did last year.  They are asking for volunteers and we all decided it would be fine for individuals to take part in any way they personally want to. We will have more discussion as a Leadership Team in the spring with regard to any other level of involvement.
        3. Other activities will be discussed in the spring like Kayak race, etc.
      2. Wild Life –
        1. It was decided the carp contest would take place and possibly we would join with Brooks Lake on the effort. It is likely the dates may move a bit based on the weather but will do for 2 – 3 weeks.
        2. Also, the plan to pay a $50.00 bounty was approved for anyone finding a nest with eggs. Denny can be called and he will follow protocol.

Organization Items:

Approval of Minutes: Sept 14 minutes were approved without correction

Treasurer Report:

 Starting Balance: $13951.07

Deposits:             $125. 00 new memberships

 Ending Checking: $14070.08

          CD:                          $ 16,345.27

Zone Rep Schedule of Terms:

Darlene Bond developed a draft schedule for zone reps and their length of terms so that the terms are staggering. This was agreed upon by the team and will be presented at the Annual Member Meeting.

By Laws Review:

All were reviewed and approved for presenting at the Annual Member meeting with the exception that there needs to be a date added to the last revision done under Jerry Swendrowski’s tenure. The date is missing the year. Diane will see if there is documentation in any files passed on to her by Jerry.

Hess Lake Board – no update

By-Laws Discussion

The team went thru the By-Laws line by line for recommended changes. The plan is to make changes on hard copy and bring to the next meeting. The revised bylaws would then be posted on the website for review. The spring newsletter should also state that a draft copy has been placed on the website. The vote would then be taken at the 2016 Annual HLIA Membership meeting. Ramona will decide how best to show the proposed changes in the document on the website.

HLIA Membership Benefits:

The discussion of member perks followed and included at this time:

Fall Newsletter

Annual Sign and HL Decal

Membership Card

Membership Dinner in fall

Special deal on flares

2016 HLIA Sign discussion   

Discussion followed on the color for 2016. Agreed we would like something like red or purple if the colors work for the manufacturer. Ramona will order signs, decals, and member cards.

Sewer Update:

No one present to present however, Pat B reported anti -group has enough signatures to block. Ben reported he heard the pro-sewer group was regrouping until spring since so many folks have left for the season.

Discussion of Winter Olympics:

A brief discussion was held on a couple of new ideas which will be added to the March 2016 Agenda:

1. Winter Olympics

2. Welcome Packet

Meeting Adjourned at 8 PM.

See you in the spring.

Diane French, Secretary

September 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by the President, Ben Lester

Attendees: Ben Lester, Ramona Deters, Pat Bertrand, Darlene Bond, Danya VanderLugt, Terry Roelofs, Betty Pennington, Amy Lentz, Renee Finkbeiner, Rich Bosowski, Betty Bosowski

General Business Items:

Secretary’s Report (Ben Lester)

Notes from last meeting were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Ramona Deters)

Checking Account Balance:

Starting Balance: $13951.07

Ending Balance: $15,874.

Expenses for the month included the Fish Fry and the Directory

The newsletter expense will be hitting us next month.

Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Directory Update:

  • Directory has been distributed. Everyone should email Ramona if you see anything that needs to change. We’ll put this info into the Newsletter
  • Next year we will get updated sheets with anyone new and distribute to those who have the Directory and they can just add to the back since the directory is not bound, rather in a binder that can be added to.
  • We should not have to do complete new directory for 2-3 years,

Hess Lake Board (Renee Finkbeiner)

  • The group met the morning of September 14. Savin provided an update and reported no milfoil in the lake at this time. The majority of the money was spent trying to contain algae and keeping the aeration maintained. Other discussion included:
    • Brooks is experimenting with some pellets which are supposed to digest the muck
    • Will compare notes with each lakes to see what is most effective
    • Discussed dredging by suction, only way they do it now
    • One challenge today is we need a large basin in order to put the “muck” in and let the water drain out and back into the lake

Fall Newsletter

  • Discussion on who should get the newsletter. Recommendation is that only members would get the Fall Newsletter
  • The Team voted on this and approved. It will go into the Fall Newsletter with an explanation.
  • Future agenda item: how to make membership more meaningful.

Run for AT (Kyle Burkett) Update:

The group was educated on the nature of the AT disease. This organization is very small without much backing; very grass roots effort. Following are some highlights of this past year’s event:

  • Hess Lake makes a great running location.
  • This past year was 120 runners and they earned $10 – $11K towards the cause
  • They did a 10K and half marathon
  • They would like to continue and build this up to a sizeable race

Kyle requested the HLIA Board’s approval and to secure the date. Ben preferred to discuss the Group’s position at next month’s meeting. The topic will appear on the agenda.

By-Laws Discussion

The team went thru the By-Laws line by line for recommended changes. The plan is to make changes on hard copy and bring to the next meeting. The revised bylaws would then be posted on the website for review. The newsletter should also state that a draft copy has been placed on the website. The vote would then be taken at the 2016 Annual HLIA Membership meeting.

Everything remaining on agenda will move to the October meeting. Motion made and accepted.

Motion made to adjourn meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane French, Secretary

August 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Ben Lester. Present were Ben Lester, President; Diane French, Vice President; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Darlene Bond, Secretary; Renee Finkbeiner, HLB Member; Jo Heidman, Alternate; Rich Bosowski, Zone Representative; Betty Pennington, Zone Representative; Terry Roelofs, Zone Representative; Amy Lentz, Alternate; and Denny Brown, Alternate.

General Business Items:

Secretary’s Report (Ben Lester)

The secretary’s report was approved as written. Going forward the Secretary will send a copy of the notes to the entire Leadership Team for potential corrections to be made.

Treasurer’s Report (Ramona Deters)

Checking account balance: $15394.32

CD balance: $16,245.27

Memberships to date: 206

We paid out $200 to the Winners of the Carp Shoot (Randy Smith $100, Gary Ranger $60, Rich Bosowski $40). Also paid out this month was $273 for Insurance and $5.99 for Domain Hosting.

Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Membership Directory (Ramona Deters)

Ramona has been working to create a new Hess Lake Member Directory and handed out a copy to the Team. The cost estimate is $3.00 each and would be given to Paid Members of the Association. Pages would be added over time for new Members. A suggestion was made to develop a cover page and distribute prior to the end of season. There was motion made and approved to execute this. There will also be an update in the Fall newsletter. Nice work, Ramona.

Leadership Positions (Ben Lester)

There was a review of current Leadership positions. Diane French requested a trade in positions with Darlene Bond. This was discussed, voted on, and approved. Following is a list of current Leadership positions:

Eight Zone Representatives:

Zone 1: Diane French (Secretary)

Zone 2: Betty Pennington

Zone 3: Ben Lester (President)

Zone 4: Rich Bosowski

Zone 5: Ramona Deters (Treasurer)

Zone 6: Renee Finkbeiner (HLB Member)

Zone 6A: Pat Bertrand (Hess Lake Mobile Home Park)

Zone 7: Terry Roelofs

Eight Alternates (May serve any zone)

Darlene Bond (Vice President)

Denny Brown (Wild Life)

Jo Heidman

Amy Lentz

Danya VanderLugt

3 open positions

Other Special Assignments

Boat Safety Director – Mike Haaser

Bouy Master – Terry Roelofs

Newsletter Editor – Diane French

Sign Administrator – Diane French

Web Site Administrator – Ramona Deters

Hess Lake Board (Renee Finkbeiner)

There have been fewer treatments for weeds this year because the milfoil (non-native plant) has disappeared. The DNR is directing to not treat for native plants as they will help enable the fish population to grow again. The HLB decided not to treat for algae bloom at this time. It is $6000 per treatment and the treatment is only effective for 24 hours. The algae then returns. There was discussion about the amount of foam this year on the lake. It is caused by phosphorus that comes from detergents, fertilizers, and septic systems. It was requested that Diane put a request to use phosphorus free detergent on the sign at Boat Launch.

Newsletter (Ramona Deters)

The following topics were recommended and approved to go into the Fall Newsletter:

  • Article on using phosphorus free detergents and fertilizers.
  • Update on progression of Asian Bird Flu and how that could impact a Goose Round-up.
  • Update on nest/egg destruction for the Spring and $50 finders fee.
  • Update on Rewards of HLIA Membership: Member Directory, Membership Cards, discounted flare purchase price.

The newsletter should go out in early October before most cottages are closed up for the Winter. There was a request and approved vote to provide Pat Bertrand 65 additional copies of the newsletter for the Trailer Park. Typical cost for the Newsletter is approx. $780 for 450 copies, including mailing.

Meeting Length (Ben Lester)

It was discussed and approved that all meetings will end by 8:00pm

Improvement Area Business Topics

Aquatic Plants

No new discussion.

Nutrient Loading (Renee Finkbeiner)

Renee explained the Bubblers installed this year in one cove are a 3-5 year test (assuming DNR allows continuation). The hypothesis is that the Bubblers will turn the water table once per day and over time, this could help increase the level of oxygen in the water. It is thought to be a minimum of 3 years to see change.

 Improvement Area Resident Concerns

Buoys (Terry Roelof)

There is a new buoy, purchased by a Home Owner and placed near the sand bar/beach area. Additionally there is still one buoy not yet in the water. Diane was going to check into getting this out.

Gathering of Boats at the Sandbar/Beach (Ben Lester)

Some residents have raised concerns about the gathering of boats by the channel leading to Brooks Lake and some of the activities that take place. It was decided that HLIA is not in a position to take any action and residents should contact the Sheriff if they have concerns.

Sediment and Water Depth

No new information.

Social Activities

Catfish Fry and Kayak Event (Ramona Deters & Terry Roelof)

Ramona is organizing a Kayak Event on August 29, the same day as the Catfish Fry. We will have a kid’s event at 10 :00am and an adult event at 12:00pm. Motion was made and approved to donate $100 towards prizes for this event.

Currently we have 800 fish for the Catfish Fry. The event will be at Terry Roelof’s house on Lockwood Ct. Terry needs some help starting at 2:00pm for set up/food prep/shopping. It was decided that those shopping for the event will turn in receipts for reimbursement. Ramona will order the PortAJohn.

Other Business

Sewer Update

There was not a person to give an official update, however it was reported that there will soon be a website and mailing to provide the Residents with more information.

Race for A-T (Ramona Deters)

There was a discussion about the Leadership Team’s potential involvement with the Race for A-T next year. There was a motion and vote passed to bring the race’s organizer to next month’s meeting.

By-Laws of Association (Ben Lester)

Ben presented the Leadership Team with a copy of the current By-Laws and proposed changes. This is in preparation for the discussion of By-Laws at the September meeting.

Wildlife Upate

Rescheduled for September Meeting

Memorial Day Walk/Run (Rich Bosowski)

The HLIA Leadership Team received a letter from the State of Michigan, Michigan Veterans Affair Agency thanking us for the donations and support of their organization. Thank you Katie Lipner and Betty Bosowski for organizing this. It was reported in the last meeting that donations were: $105 in gift cards, $350 from HLIA, and a host of other donated items provided by many Home Owners.

July 13,2015

Meeting called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester, Vice President; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representative Renee Finkbeiner, Danya Vanderlugt, Terry Roelofs and Denny Brown.

Guests were Amy Lentz, Darlene Bond, Randy Smith, Duane and Betty Pennington and Brian Scarbrough.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s report was approved with the following correction. Rich would take over for Cheryl Rosen as Zone 4 Rep. not on the HLB.

Treasurer’s Report

Checking account balance: $15070.61

CD balance: $16,245.27

Memberships to date: 202


They are keeping Savin.  Milfoil weed is gone from our lake.

There have been no issues with the bubblers


The buoys are out except for one. Diane will check on the one that isn’t in.

Carp Contest

58 Carp were caught.

Lewis Smith came in first, Gary Ranger second and Rich Bosowski was third.

We want to thank Jim Wigent for letting us dispose of the carp on his property.

Catfish Fry

August 29 from 5 to 7 P.M.

Terry has 380 catfish in his freezer and Jason has 40.

Kayak Event

Ramona and Diane will work on an obstacle course or something on that order for an August event.

Randy Smith

On Saturday July 11th they had their first meeting with about 25 in attendance.. The Newaygo City Manager is up to speed on what has happened so far. Newaygo has the capacity to handle the sewer for Hess and Brooks Lake.


A motion was made and seconded to put on the Hess Lake Sign, one or two months a year, that speeders will be reported.

A motion was made and seconded to have Ramona encourage the Sheriff’s Department to patrol our roads.

It was suggested to put Deputy Green’s phone number on our facebook page.

Address Signs

Some homes and cottages on the lake do not have house numbers on them, which makes them hard for us to find. Brian Scarbrough, from Lakeshore Signs, showed us some reflective house number signs. They come in five colors and are predrilled for attaching to a pole or home.

Leadership Team

A motion was made and seconded to accept Darlene Bond as an alternate zone representative. Motion passed.

A motion was made and seconded to accept Amy Lentz as an alternate zone representative. Motion passed.

A motion was made and seconded to accept Betty Pennington as zone 2 representative. Motion passed.

Ben Lester was nominated for President. He accepted.

Diane French was nominated for Vice President. She accepted.

Darlene Bond was nominated for Secretary. She accepted.

There were no other nominations. These are the new changes to the board starting in August, 2015.

Focus Statement for Aquatic Plants

Changes: to annual aquatic plants evaluation add water testing. HLB

Add aeration project. HLB

Under new ideas: sewer system, seawall alternatives and video recommendations that can be linked to our facebook page.


Denny recommended offering a reward for anyone finding a Goose nest.

A motion was made and seconded to pay fifty dollars to anyone finding a goose nest with eggs in it. Motion passed.

Anyone finding a nest should call Denny Brown.

Swim Area

There was a compliant about boaters going too close to shore in front of the cottage next to the swim area. Terry will give them a buoy to place where they need it.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 P.M..

June 8, 2015

Meeting called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester, Vice president; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representatives Cheryl Rosen and Renee Finkbeiner, Jo Heidman, Danya Vanderlugt, Terry Roelofs, and Denny Brown.

Guests were Phil Laven, Katie Lipner, and Bart and Nancy Calvi.

Secretary’s Report

The secretary’s report was approved with the following clarification. The $25.00 that members pay is for dues, not the Hess Lake sign.

Treasurer’s Report

Checking account balance: $10194.60

C D balance: $16,245.27

Memberships to date: 154

The price of flares has gone up to $65.56 per case. We will lose money if we leave the price the same as last year.

A motion was made and seconded to raise the price of flares to $2.75 each. Motion passed.

Leadership Positions

We need representatives for Zones 2, and also 4 if Rich takes over for Cheryl Rosen

We also need a zone alternate.  We will ask for volunteers at the membership meeting.


There was an issue with one of the bubblers. Savin pulled it out, cleaned it and put in back in the water.

The weeds have been sprayed. Extra treatments for algae has not been approved yet.


Not all of the buoys have been put in the lake. Terry showed the residents who have the buoys how to put them in and how to take them out, he also asked them to call him if they needed any help. No one has called. The buoy problem will be brought up at the membership meeting.


We need to get on the geese problem now, before they start to molt.  A motion was made and seconded to allow Denny to contact Goose Busters, Animal Removers or any company that can do a goose roundup this year. He can spend up to $1000.00 Motion passed. We need to find the geese nests in the Spring. Maybe next year we can have a contest to find the nests and give prizes.


Six people have come in with 40 carp. The carp contest has been extended to June 14 at 8 P.M.

Catfish Fry

We have 150 fish so far.

July 4th Weekend

The boat parade will be on the 4th at 1 P.M. starting at the boat launch. Any type of boat decorated any way you want.  A motion was made and seconded to post the boat parade information on the Hess Lake Sign and on facebook. Motion passed for the ring of fire, Jo will ask Chad Bishop to take pictures with his drone as he did last year.

The kayak race will be brought up at the membership meeting. The buoys for the sailboat race can be used for the kayak race.

The sailboat race will be held on Sunday the 5th. of July.

Phil Laven  Brought in a box of things he has been storing for HLIA. It included a GPS to locate the deep places in the lake, records from 2002 to 2006 of water temps, clarity of water, oxygen in the water and etc. Lots of history on the lake. Terry will store it at his house with the buoys.

Katie Lipner  Katie helped Betty Bosowski with the memorial day walk/run. There were 60 people and 4 veterans. Donations were: $105 in gift cards, $350 from HLI A, $350 from the Grand Rapids VFW and a big table piled high with other donations.  It was a great success and they will have it again next year.

Ben Lester

The focus for tonight is social Activities. We have covered that with the 4th activities, carp contest and catfish fry.  Ben has printouts that explaining the six improvement areas we are working on. The printouts can be given out in each zone.

Office of President

Diane does not want to be president next year. She will stay on as a zone rep. and keep up the Hess Lake Sign.  Ben is willing to be the president.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8 P.M.

May 13, 2015

Meeting called to order by vice President Ben Lester. Present were Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representatives Cheryl Rosen and Renee Finkbeiner, Rich Bosowski, Jo Heidman, Terry Roelofs, Denny Brown and Danya Vanderlugt.

Guests were Gary Novosad, Randy Smith and Craig Heidman.

Secretary’s Report

The secretary’s report was approved with the following corrections. Greg Nelson and Chad Miller were in attendance and the dates for the kayak race and boat parade were not decided.

Treasurer’s Report

Checking account balance: $9,905.48

CD balance:   $16,245.27

A motion was made and seconded to order one box of 500 dues envelopes. Motion passed.

The board is asked to review the dues envelopes as they are now. If any changes are needed let Ramona know by Friday, May 15.


The aeration system has been turned on. There are 8 bubblers in the system.


No changes

Geese and Swans

Only two geese have been seen on the lake. If anymore geese are seen, please call Denny Brown at 616-801-3670.


No changes

Catfish Fry

No changes

Membership Signs

The signs were passed out for each zone.

When someone pays for a sign, make sure to write down their name and address.

Garage Sales

June 5 and 6

Pat will put ads in the papers.

Bonnie will put it on Facebook.

Rick and Linda will put out the signs.

Boaters Safety

No changes

Annual Meeting

Tabled until June 8th meeting.


A motion was made and seconded to order 56 caese of flares. Motion passed.

Renee has 4 cases at her home.

The flares will be delivered to Newaygo Marine. When they are delivered, Ramona will let those picking them up know, so they can take them to the Party Store.

The Party Store will receive .25 cents for each flare sold, $25.00 for storing them and a $25.00 membership.

Kayak Race, Boat Parade and Water Volleyball Tournament

Tabled until June 8th meeting.

Sailboat Race

The Deters will run it and prefer to have it on Sunday the 5th.

Ring of Fire

10:00 flares to be lite on the 4th

Catfish Fry

No change

Zone 2 Rep.

No one yet. An alternate can take it for now.

Resident Concerns Focus Statement

Boat Launch Quality should be directed to the DNR.

Erosion runoff should be directed to the Drain Commission.

Sewer Campaign

They have met with their attorney and engineers and are putting together a petition.


It was down for 24 hours because of updates..It is back now and everything is fine.

News Letter

Team information changes.

Ben’s phone number 231 not 616.

Danya’s e-mail, t not y.

Denny’s phone number 616 not 213.

Pat’s e-mail, yahoo not hotmail.


Cheryl will resign at the June 13 meeting, if no one steps forward, Rich is willing to take the position.

Gary Novosad asked if the CD funds are restricted and if not, can they be used for fish planting? The funds are not restricted and can be used for whatever is needed. But we have enough in the general fund to plant fish.

There is very little oxygen in our lake and planted fish would not survive. If anyone wants to plant fish anyway, they can contact Terry Roelofs. He has the paper work and has done it before. We are trying to improve the lake with the aeration system, saving the good weeds and getting rid of the bad ones.

Brooks Lake is planting Walleye, trying to get rid of the Carp. But they know the Walleye will not survive.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M

April 13, 2015

Hess Lake Leadership Team

Board Meeting

April 13, 2015

Meeting called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester, Vice President; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representatives Cheryl Rosen and Renee Finkbeiner, Jo Heidman and Mark Breen.

Also guests Randy Smith, Jeff Coil, Greg Nelson and Chad Miller

Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s report was approved

Treasurer’s Report

Check book balance: $10,285.68

C D: $16,245.27

Treasurer’s was approved.


The aeration system will be turned on the first week of May. It will take a couple of years to know how much good it is doing.

Savin Lake Services has asked the DEQ for a larger alga bloom control this year. If it is approved we will see more treatments over a larger area.


A motion was made and seconded to order 260 signs at $3.00 each. Motion passed

Ramona will order the signs. They should be ready by the middle of May.


Last Fall the buoys were left on shore at there locations. We are asking the residents at these locations to return the buoys to the water in their correct places. If anyone needs help doing this, they can call Terry Roelof.


The paperwork has been sent in.

We need help finding the nests.

We should receive the “Bird Lady” paper work within a month. We need to know everything her fee covers.

We will decide on the goose roundup at our next meeting.

Calendar of events

Road clean up         Month of May

Ring of Fire           July 4th.

Memorial Walk       May 23

Annual Meeting       June 13

Flares                 June to July 4th.

Diane will check with Newaygo Marine, as a drop off for the flares.

Renee will check with the Party Store about selling them.

Ring of Fire          July 4th.

Boat parade         July 4th.

Kayak race         July 4th.

Sailboat race       Date to be determined at May meeting

Cat Fish Fry       Aug. 29th. 5 to 7 P.M. (If okay with Pat and Terry)

Motion was made and seconded to accept calendar of events. Motion passed

Carp Roundup

May 24 to June 7th.

We will collect and count the carp between 7 and 8 P.M. on 100th. Street. Go to 100th Street and Hess Lake Dr., go South on 100th Street, look for Carp signs.

Motion made and seconded to award prize money of: $100 for First Place, $60 for Second Place and $40 for Third Place. Motion passed.

Randy Smith and Jeff Coil spoke about their work on the sewer project. They are gathering data on cost of hookup, monthly fees and etc. They need residents willing to hold meeting so they can answer any questions or concerns.

Hess Lake Web Page

We need to look at the Web page before our next meeting.   It needs to be up dated.

Ben’s Report

Around docks small scale vegetation that can be removed by hand, does not require a permit. Do not use power or mechanized tools.

What to plant? Ben will check with Matt Mellema and Muskegon Water Shed.

Change our focus statement for Nutrient Loading. The first sentence will be changed from alga blooms and poor water quality to: alga blooms and water clarity

Ben will investigate phosphorus logs and phosphorus pellets. Brooks Lake is using phosphorus pellets now.


Articles must be in by May 1st.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:08 P.M.

Next Meeting:  May 11, 2015  at 6:30pm

March 9,2015

Meeting called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester, Vice President; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representatives Cheryl Rosen and Renee Finkbeiner and Danya Vanderlugt.

Also guests Todd Olin, Randy Smith and Jeff Coil.

Introductions were made of guests, names noted above.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s report from October meeting was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Check book balance: $10,297.66

CD balance: $16,245.27


The aeration system will be turned on as soon as the ice is gone.

Renee reported that per authorities and information provided to her, there is no reason to plant bass and pike in our lake because they will not survive until we lower the phosphorus and algae levels. It appears the reason Brooks Lake planted was because pike eat other fish and likely carp babies, etc. would maybe decrease.

We need to keep reducing our Carp through our reduction program.

Old Business

Geese and Swans

Geese round up will be this year.

The permits go to Mark Breen and Denny Brown.

Diane contacted Mark and he will discuss with Denny Brown when he returns from Florida and decide on a plan. They will get the permits handled for this spring. Mark does close on his house April 1 so we will need to seek help for the great job he did with Denny Brown. Thanks to both for their work.

Zone 2 Rep.

Zone 2 rep. Mike Cote is not responding to e-mails and notes left on his door. We will assume Mike is not going to continue and it was decided that Ben will work to find a replacement.

I Zoom

Diane received an email from Melissa stating they plan to move the run location and therefore, will not be around Hess Lake in 2015.

Memorial Day Walk

The one mile walk will be held on Saturday, May 23rd. at 9 A.M.

There will be water, coffee and donuts.

Walkers may bring donations for the Veterans Hospital. We will have all the info in our May newsletter and the objective of this Family Walk/Stroll is to educate our children on the true meaning of Memorial Day. A list of things they need will be posted on our web page and in the newsletter.

Improvement Areas

A motion was made and seconded to post on our web page the improvement Areas we will be discussing at each meeting, with a paragraph describing each topic.

Motion passed.

We need a new or current study to determine where the phosphorus and nutrients are coming from.

Focus Statement

A motion was made and seconded to leave the focus statement as it is, except for the last sentence which will be removed.

Motion passed.

New Business


Todd Olin, Randy Smith and Jeff Coil came to let the HLIA Leadership team know their plans for moving forward on the sewer issue. They have reviewed all the material from the last drive and have had an Engineer review the information. The information appears current. Their plan is to meet with property owners who would like to be a “Champion” and share the information with others. Once information has been shared, the plan would be to have a legal petition drafted for signatures. They are exploring ideas and ways to provide accurate information on the process. The idea came about when it was said 88th St is going to be repaved in 2 years so why not consider the sewer at the same time to save on the road repaid. Also, the Edge is being discussed and it would be great to have the walking, biking path come around our lake from the Croton/Hardy Edge project. The word is they want it to come down 88th St to join up with other areas. They would like questions and concerns so they can be address at neighbor meetings. They have raised $1,000 and need about $5.000 to pay the legal fees, etc. . For now it is just Hess Lake, but Brooks Lake may join if they want to. NOTE: The HLIA Leadership Team is in the neutral zone, each can have their own opinion and we will not take a stand. We will agree to continue to be kept informed of the process. The Engineer reported that the Newaygo plant can handle the additional waste.

They will keep us updated on their progress.

Other items:

Newsletter Printing:

Newaygo Printing appears to be closed right now. The Hi-Lites in Fremont does printing so Ramona is getting some pricing and we will discuss this at our next meeting or review via email prior to meeting.

It is also noted that Ellen DeLong will be having surgery on April 30 therefore, we must get the newsletter done prior to this time. Diane has requested all articles be sent to her in order to work with Ellen to complete the newsletter on time. We have about 450 dues envelopes available.

Shoreline plants

Ben will continue looking into native plants that can be used to improve our lake.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 P.M.

The Next Meeting Will Be April 13,2015

October 13, 2014

Meeting called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester, Vice President; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representatives Cheryl Rosen and Renee Finkbeiner, Jo Heidman, Terry Roelofs, Rich Bosowski and Mark Breen.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary’ report was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Report was read from the Fall newsletter

Check book balance: $11,788.35

CD: $16,201.36

Report will be voted on at a later date on the internet.


The aeration equipment has been installed and tested in the cove as planned.

It will be turned on next spring when the ice goes out.

Geese and Swans

Apply for a permit in Feburary – March.

Help is needed finding their nests, please encourage lake residents to call Mark and Denny when they see birds. Diane will put the message on the HLIA Board in the spring. .

Zone 2 Representative

Mike has not attended a meeting since June. Diane will send Mike Cote an e-mail for the March 2015 meeting.

If he doesn’t respond or attend the meeting we will look for a new zone 2 representative.

Crime Watch signs

The signs are here, Jim from the road commission and Ben will install them. Thank you Ben for taking this project on and installing signs.

Social Activities

Ben will research laws pertaining to Cattail and Lilly pad plants.

The good weed beds are being protected.

HLB is looking into the Muck Pill.

The geese and swan feces add a lot of phosphorous to the lake.

Next year the discussion will be on sedimentation and water depth.

Carp Reduction

Should be the last 2 weeks of May and the first week of June.

Problem is getting rid of the carp. A possible place is 80 acres near 100 street and Hess Lake Dr. We do encourage BAM to come and remove carp however, if not during the prime time for removal, we will not put up prize money. Will discuss more completely in the spring at our March and April meetings.

Cat Fish Fry

We need more fishermen for next year. It was a great event and it appears we want to repeat the event in 2015. Will kick off spring meeting with planning.

News Letter

A problem with printing was noted. Pages upside down. It was thought we need to inquire at the Hi Lites for printing, folding and mailing on their bulk mail permit. Jennifer at Newago Print did give us a 15% discount on the fall newsletter due to issues. The amount to be paid was not known since the bill was sent to Ramona who was unable to attend this meeting.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 P.M.

Hess lake Leadership Team Board Meeting

September 8, 2014

Meeting called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representative Cheryl Rosen, Jo Heidman, Danya Vanderlugt, Terry Roelofs, Rich Bosowski, Denny Brown and Betty Bosowski.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s report was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Check book balance: $7,890.08

C D: $16,201.36

Membership to date: 218

Treasurer’s report was approved.


The aeration equipment will be put in after Labor Day. There is no time line for start up.


We need to find the geese at nesting season and we need help from the residents in finding the nests.

Betty Bosowski

Memorial Weekend Family Walk, Saturday May 23, 2015

The walk is to honor Veterans past and present.

Voluntary donations will be collected for the Grand Rapids Veterans Home.

There are 430 veterans, 38 are women.

A motion was made and seconded to donate $350 to the Memorial Weekend Family Walk.


Buoys are out of the water.

Some of the buoys are being pulled further out from shore. Residents are positioning them where they want them.

Buoy problems will be in the news letter and are tabled until Spring.

News Letter

Veterans Family Walk


Boater Safety

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 P.M.

Hess lake Leadership Team Meeting 

August 11, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester, Vice President; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representatives Cheryl Rosen and Renee Finkbeiner, Jo Heidman, Danya Vanderlugt, Terry Roelofs, Rich Bosowski, Mark Breen and Pat Roelofs.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s Report was approved

Treasurer’s Report

Check book balance: $8,291.87

C D : $16,201.36

Memberships to date: 211

Treasurer’s report was approved.


There will be a special meeting this Wednesday to determine if they will go ahead with the aeration. They have about $25,000 invested and one more water test in September to get a baseline for next year.

A motion was made and seconded to tell the HLB that we, The Hess Lake Leadership Team want the aeration to go forward. Motion passed.

Catfish Fry

It was a success!

Final catfish count was 506.

The cost $256.00 plus somethings were donated.

Approxmately 85 people attended.

Pat Roelofs made Thank You cards for the people who helped make it a success but are not on the board.

Neighborhood Watch Signs

When the signs are ready Ben and Road Commissioner Dave will put them up.

 Zone Reps.

A motion was made and seconded to make Pat Bertrand Zone Rep. for Zone 6A. Motion passed.

A motion was made and seconded to make Dennis Brown and Mark Breen alternate Zone Reps.. Motion passed.

There are 5 alternate Zone Reps.

SOS – iZoom

Before we donate to the race again, we would like to see an income and expense sheet and what was donated to charity.

Speeding on roads around the lake

We have had a lot of attention from the Newaygo County Sheriff Department and it has helped, people are slowing down.

Six traffic tickets have been given out.

Spring Calendar

Betty Bosowski is planning a one mile run/walk the Saturday before Memorial Day, May 23rd. at 9 A.M. Participants would be asked to bring something for the V A hospital in Grand Rapids. She would like support in our Newsletters and she will be at the September meeting.

Reinstate the boat or water craft parade. In the Fall and Spring Newsletters ask for volunteers to organize or help with the parade.

Publish rules of the lake, such as no wake zone within so many feet of a dock, boats going counterclockwise around the lake and etc.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

Hess Lake Leadership Team Meeting  July 14, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester, Vice President; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representative Cheryl Rosen and Renee Finkbeiner, Terry Roelofs, Rich Bosowski, Jo Heidman, Danya Vanderlugt, Bonnie Griffith, and Pat Roelofs.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s report was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Check book balance: $8,291.87

CD: $16,201.36

Flares: sold 56 cases or 2016 flares.

Membership to date: 204


A motion was made and seconded to sign with White Insurance Company for our Insurance. Motion passed.

Crime Watch

Crime watch is networking with each other to try and stop crime. Deputy Phil Green talked about what other crime watch groups do. They have monthly meetings with presentations from agencys such as Marine Patrol, DNR, Fire Marshall and etc. They also have fund raisers to pay for Neighbor Hood Watch Signs.

The crime watch group would have to be completely separate from the Hess Lake Leadership Group.


Bonnie found a website where signs can be purchased, such as slow down, children playing and etc.

She will put the information on Facebook.


The DEQ has put in new requirements that cost alot of money. The board is waiting for Sabin to get back to them with financials. Nothing has been put in the lake.

The DEQ has made it clear that they think the aeration is a waste of money.

Leadership Officers

A motion was made and seconded to keep the officers we have now for another year. Motion passed.

Zone Reps.

Mike Cote from zone 2 would like a month to decide if he will be able to stay on as zone 2 representative. The board said yes.

We need two alternate representatives. Possible canidates are, Denny Brown, Mark Breen and Ivan Kracker.

Sailboat Race

The race didn’t turn out well. There were no winners. It was suggested that a different day, not the 4th. might be better.

Cat fish fry

A motion was made and seconded to change the date, time and location of the fish fry to; Saturday August 9th. from 5 PM to 7 PM at Terry and Pat Roelofs’ residence.

Motion passed.

A motion was made and seconded to allow Terry and Ben to spend up to, but not to exceed $500.00 on supplies for the Cat Fish fry. Motion passed.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

HLIA  Leadership Meeting May 12, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Diane French. Present were Ben Lester Vice President; Ramona Deters Treasurer; Pat Bertrand Secretary; HLB representative Renee Finkbiener and Cheryl Rosen; Terry Roelofs, Rich Bosowski, Mike Cote, Danya Vanderlugt, Bonnie Griffith, Jerry Swendrowski, Mark Breen and Denny Brown.

Secretary’s report was approved.

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Paid membership so far this year is 101.

Checking balance $9614.9

CD Balance: 16.201.36

HLB report by Renee.

It looks like the aeration bubblers will be in place the first part of June. HLB has enough money for the project without increasing tax dollars.

Aeration will increase oxygen in the water and decrease sediment.

SOS Race Update – Melissa and Dan

Melissa came to report on the plans for the race. The race will be held on July 12. Start and finish will be at the church. Some of the road from the church, about a quarter of a mile, will be closed off with cones.

The race will start at 6:30 A.M. and end about 10:00 A.M.

Added this year is a half mile marathon and seven mile race.

The Newaygo High School Band will play the National Anthem.

The Leadership Group will discuss our donation and food for the race, and get back with    Melissa after our June meeting.

Old Business

 Hess Lake Signs

Zone Reps. will give a sign and decal to paid members in their zone.

Ramona will e-mail reps. as more members pay.

Non paid members just get an envelope.

Membership Drive

There are two letters, a welcome to the lake letter for new residents and a membership drive letter. Jerry thinks he has a copy of these letters.

A motion was made and seconded to have zone reps. hand out one of these letters with signs and the new resident letter should go to all with a newsletter and envelope welcoming them by June 8th. Motion passed


Bill Dean has the new buoys and bases.

Terry will take care of the buoys.


Don Ducan put up the $200 for the Carp Shoot. We need to send him a check.

We should tell BAM not to count on Hess Lake until we ask them to come.

BAM meets in February to set shoot dates. If we contact BAM before February maybe we can set a better date.


A total of 12 have been seen. Four adults and eight little ones.

We have the permit for a round up. The woman who does it, charges $600 for the first 25.

A motion was made and seconded to stall awhile and let Mark and Denny decide by May 10th if we need a round up.

Motion passed

Swan Eggs

Water is too high for nesting. We will do nothing.

Carp Round Up

May 18 to June 1

There will be someone at the upper level of the public launch from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. to record the catch.

Record the day, name, address, e-mail and number of fish caught.

A motion was made and seconded for $200 in prizes. First prize $100, second prize $60, third prize $40.

Motion passed

Catfish Dinner

Marty from Smugglers Cove has reserved the deck and side yard of the restrurant for our use.

He will also furnish french frys, cold slew and condiments.

We need to recruite fishermen.

To register go to the Hess Lake web site and click on events.

Crime Watch Signs

Three signs are needed. The zone rep. will pick a site for the signs that are missing and then Ben will go to the Township for permission to install the signs at these sites.


Flairs will be delivered to Newaygo Marine to avoid issues with deliver and then transported to the Party Store where they will be sold.

Rick and Linda Rickner have the signs and will put them up.

New business

Letter to Drain Commission  – Ben reported on the findings at the drain and that he was going to send a letter to the drain commission to get updated on the status.

Garage Sale    Terry Roelofs will contact Rick and Linda Rickner about putting up the signs. Pat Bertrand will contact the 3 local papers, Hi Lites, River Valley and Times Indicator with the ad.

Resident Concerns     We discussed the complaints we hear regarding speeding around the Lake. It was decided we should encourage everyone to report this to the Sheriff. We cannot do anything about it although though maybe having a petition at the June Membership meeting for people to sign might have some impact. More discussion at our next meeting

June General Membership Meeting agenda- will be discussed at June meeting.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9 P.M.

Submitted by Secretary, Pat Bertrand

HLIA Meeting Minutes for April 2014

Present: Mike Cote, Ben Lester, Cheryl Rosen, Ramona Deters, Renee Finkbeiner, Diane French, Jo Heidman,

Diane called the meeting to order at 6 PM. In addition to the Leadership Team, those in attendance were : Danya VanderLugt, Bonnie Durbin Griffith, Mike Hasser, Chad Miller, Greg Nelson and Lisa Edwards.

There were no minutes to approve from last month’s meeting, we did not have quorum.

Ramona  presented the treasurers report, CD balance: $16,169.99 and $7877.99 in checking account

HLB Update – Renee provided an update on the aeration system which is being installed in one cove to run over the summer and see if the aeration system will help improve water quality. Saven the company who has installed the system will be attending  the Membership Meeting in June to explain/discuss the system.  There will be a time for questions from HLIA members,  The only thing we will notice will be bubbles in the area. Also first weed application will be applied in June and notices will be put up to make lake residents aware. Renee is also going to a conference to learn more about water quality and treatments.

Open Issues:

  1. Membership Sign Colors – The sign colors were voted on and Navy Blue/Royal Blue will be 2014 colors and in addition Deep Green/Shamrock will be 2015 sign colors.
  2. Buoys- Ramona reported that 2 buoys have been ordered from Newaygo Marine for the approve amount. Bill Dean has donated bases for both so that the buoys can just be disconnected from the base, a small float applied and left in the water for the winter. Thank you to Bill Dean and Newaygo Marine.
  3. Goose Round up, Swan Eggs –Mark Breen and Dennis Brown reported the permits have all come back from the State so we are all set. They have been tracking birds. Two swans have been spotted and they will track to take care of eggs in nests. If anyone sees nests Mark and Dennis are requesting they be called right away. More info and phone numbers will be in the newsletter.
  4. Calendar of Events – dates discussed and confirmed.
  5. Newsletter deadlines-   Diane requested all articles be submitted to her by Friday in order to get them to Ellen DeLong for completion of the newsletter.  Diane will ask Melissa to write small blurb about the SOS Race. Cheryl will pick up labels and deliver to Newaygo Printing. Ellen will have newsletter to Newaygo Printing so the newsletter  will be  mailed by May 1 with a dues envelope enclosed.
  6. Carp shoot/Fish Fry- Ben reviewed the details on the proposed Carp Shoot for the two week period, May 18 to June 1. Renee will place her truck at the boat launch for those who catch carp and need to dispose of the fish during that two week period. The drop off time for fish will be 6-8 PM. Ben will work to get folks to man the truck.  The fish will be disposed of on a farm, used for fertilizer.
  7. Ben also discussed the Catfish fry and it was decided Mike Cote would approach Marty at Smugglers to see if we might work something out to have the event there. The proposed date is August 9. We will continue discussion at the next meeting.
  8. Crime Watch signs- Ben presented the 3 proposals he obtained for pricing and a motion was made to get the signs from Graphicus in Newaygo.  The approved amount of  was $550 total (including hardware)  and he has agreed to install them. He will also check with townships on where the signs can be placed.

New business

Two new candidates for the Leadership Team were introduced: Danya VanderLugt and Bonnie Durbin Griffith. A motion was made for both to be members of the team, the vote was unanimous. Welcome to both new members.

Meeting time was discussed, voted on and decided to go back to 7 PM start time effective May 12.

Diane shared an idea Ellen DeLong brought up about getting a decal to display in car windows that says Hess Lake. Jo Heidman volunteered to get pricing and examples to see what might be done. Nothing has been decided.

  1. Sand in Wheeler Basin- Ben asked if anyone knew if the sand had been removed from the basin. It was suggested he call to see if he can get an answer.
  2. Six Improvement Areas- Ben handed out a description of 6 improvement areas and discussed how he felt these areas could be used as a basis for discussion at our meeting. His idea is to have one on each agenda which would allow all of the areas to be discussed during the year. The areas include:
  3. Aquatic Plants
  4. Nutrient Loading
  5. Resident Concerns
  6. Sedimentation and water depth
  7. Social Events
  8. Wild Life
  9. We decided we would put one topic per month on the agenda and place that topic on the Hess Lake Sign so members are aware of what would be discussed during  the meeting and  will come to meetings to take part in the discussion.  The first topic for May will be Resident Concern.
  10. Mark Breen raised the issue of speed around the lake. We discussed the need for speed bumps. We will continue that discussion at our next meeting since Resident Concerns will be a topic on agenda.

Meeting was adjourned at 8 PM

Submitted by:  Diane French, President

Next meeting: May 12, 2014

Hess Lake Events

  1. Newsletter                             May first week
  2. Roadside Clean up              May 3
  3. Membership Drive             Late May/June
  4. Garage Sales                          June 6 & 7
  5. Boater Safety                        June 7
  6. Annual Meeting                   June 14
  7. Flare Sale                               June 20/July to 4th
  8. Ring of Fire                           July 4
  9. Sailing Regatta                     July 4
  10. SOS Race                                July 12
  11. Catfish Dinner                      August 9
  12. Newsletter                             October

HLIA Meeting Minutes for October 2013

October 14, 2013  Meeting was called to order by President Diane French.

Present: Diane French, President,  Ben Lester, Vice President; Ramona Deters, Treasurer; Pat Bertrand, Secretary; HLB representatives Cheryl Rosen , Renee Finkbeiner; Rich Buzowski, Mike Cote, Terry Roelofs and Pat Roelofs.

Secretary’s report was approved as corrected.  Buoys are out of the lake and we need a goose permit for next year.

Treasurer’s report was approved.

End of month balance in checking account is $8,229.78.

HLB report:

  • Renee and Cheryl updated us on the process approved for spring. It was  reported that Little Sand Lake, West of Grant is using bubblers on the whole lake, and Rich saw 3 or 4 bubblers on Little Brower Lake. Appears this is becoming a popular method of treating lakes.

Request: On the HL information board we will refer to ourselves as the Leadership Group to separate us from the Hess Lake Board.


  • SOS Race
    • Renee and Diane met with Melissa, Dan and Matt from SOS or iZoom.
    • The race will be on July 12th.  There will be three races, starting and finishing at the Church.  The races will start at 7 AM and should be finished by 10:30 AM.
    • The iZoom group would like a rider on our insurance for liability which they would pay for.  Ramona will check with our insurance on the cost and feasibility.
    • We should get back to them within 45 days.  We can vote on line.


    • The Newaygo, Grant, White Cloud and Croton Chambers of Commerce have formed a coalition and are now called, The River Country Chamber.
    • Winterfest will be moved to February, hoping the weather will be colder.  Winterfest will begin on February 7 with the drag races on the lake.
    • There will be an international fishing contest from Dam to Dam in Croton that week.
    • It was suggested we donate the proceeds from the hot dog sales to the propane bank.


    • For the news letter we will use the list of members we receive from the Drain Commission every March.
    • A motion was made and seconded that we send a newsletter to everyone on the lake, member or not, for one year, 2014.  Motion was passed.
    • A motion was made and seconded that we send the newsletter in May and September, so that people who leave for the winter might receive them more consistently. Motion passed.
  • Buoys:
    • Terry provided information on ordering the replacement buoy and Ramona will place the order for one. The expenditure was approved at the last meeting.
  • 2014 Calendar
    • Discussion around each month and revisions were made.
    • Goose Permit was discussed and noted needed to be done in Jan 2014. Diane will contact Jerry to get contact info and have Mark Breen complete the application.

New Business;

  • Crime Watch/Zone signs
  • Ben will get more bids on the Crime Watch Signs and also see if we need permission from the road commission on placement and size of signs.
  • Diane requested the Leadership team review the bylaws and be ready to discuss changes in the spring. There are several items in the current bylaws which appear outdated, not followed and not sure if even relevant at this time. Can be printed from Website.
  • There will be items such as October minutes, iZoom insurance request and possibly signage which will need discussion/approval and it was noted that there will be emails to report follow up on these items.
  • It was agreed we will vote via email and proceed on items as appropriate
  • By-Laws
  • Communication from now until March meeting:

Meeting was adjourned at 8 PM. Next HLIA Leadership meeting will be March 10, 2014 at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Bertrand

HLIA Meeting Minutes for September 2013


HLIA Meeting Minutes for August 2013

August Meeting Minutes

HLIA Meeting Minutes For July, 2013

Meeting called to order at: 7:02pm.

Board Members Present: Jerry S., John V., Andrew L., Ramona D., Diane F., Cheryl R., Renee F., Ben L., Terry R., Pat B., Linda W.,

Treasurer’s Report: Report given by Ramona showing an end of the month balance of $3,426.16 in checking.

Flare report :was given by Pres. Swendrowski showing total income for 2013 for flare sales at $4.655.00

Membership was at 220

Bills To Pay:  $33.38 for copies of membership meeting agendas & buoy lights to Jerry S. Motion to accept by John V.,  2nd by Diane F.  All in favor vote.

Election of Officers:

President: Diane French

Vice President: Ben Lester

Secretary:  Vacant but President elect Diane French is covering position until a volunteer is found.

Treasurer:  Ramona Deters

Jerry S. was elected to Zone-Alt. pool for one year

Old Business:  

a. Flare Report (Swendrowski)  Report given as part of Treasurer’s Report.

b. Water Quality (Lester) No report at present time.

New Business:

a. Duties of incoming Officers (Swendrowski) Pres. Swendrowski discussed with new Board about upcoming items to be addressed.

Comments:  Discussion in regards to an August membership celebration / issue was tabled.

Adjournment:  Motion by John V.,  2nd by Ramona D.,  Meeting adjourned at….8:03pm.

HLIA Meeting Minutes For Annual Board Meeting 2013

Call to order by Pres. Swendrowski – 10:00am.

Board intro & agenda approval…Motion to approve by Ceryl L., 2nd by John V., All in favor.

Treasurers Report...report given by Ramona D.(explained to members what bills had been paid so far this year as well as balance in checking account)

Checking Account: 3426.16


Paid Membership To Date:  206

Motion to approve by Renee F., 2nd by John V., All in favor

Election of Zone Reps

Zone 1- Diane French

Zone 2- vacant

Zone 3- Ben Lester

Zone 4- Cheryl Rosen

Zone 5- Ramona Deters

Zone 7- Terry Roeloffs

Alternates: Jo Heidman.,  Linda Williams,  Pat Bertrand

All in favor. (3-yr. term)

Activities & Projects…Pres. Swendrowski discussed with membership present all of the activities and projects for 2013.

Committee Reports:

a. Water Quality….Pres. Swendrowski gave report in absence of Ben L. (Water Quality Coord.)

b. Birds, Bouys, Boats and Fish…Pres. Swendrowski discussed each topic.

c. Newsletter/Website…Pres. Swendrowski discussed each resource.

d. Membership Involvement…Pres. Swendrowski appealed for more involvement.

e. HLB Report…Renee F. gave report on HLB functions, weed spraying, and Wheeler Drain activity.

Information regarding flares:  flares can be purchased at the Hess Lake Party Store.  We had another large increase in price and did have to pass it along in the cost of flares.  This year the flares will cost 2.50 per flare.

Members Comments & Questions…None.

Adjournment motion by Cheryl R.,  2nd by John V.,  Meeting adjourned at…11:09am.     

The next General Board Meeting will be July 8th, 7:00pm Brooks Township Hall.  Any paid member is welcome to attend

Hlia Meeting Minutes For June 2013

The HLIA meeting was called to order: by Pres. Swendrowski at 7:02pm

Board Members present: Jerry S., Ben L., Cheryl R., Rich B., Ramona D., Andrew L.

Treasurers Report:  Checking…$3,426.16



No current bills to pay.

Motion to accept by: Andrew L.,  2nd by:  Cheryl R.   All in favor vote.

Correspondence: Letter from Orion Prod. Corp. requesting an update on the HLIA Michigan Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption.

Old Business:

a. Boat Safety Class…Safety Coordinator  Mike Haaser reported that approx. 20 people were in attendance / good participation / instructor was very pleased / Mike will host event again next year.

b. Membership Signs: Pres. Swendrowski reported first signs have been handed out.  Zone reps were given any new renewals and will hand them out accordingly.

c. Goose Round-up: Numbers are down this year due to the flooding / board voted not to host a round-up this year due to small number of birds sighted on the lake.

d. Flares: Pres. Swendrowski reported all flares are at the Hess Lake Party Store and are now on sale.

e. Water Quality: Ben L. explained  a hand out he had regarding  water quality testing on Hess Lake.  Cheryl R. discussed Wheeler Drain project and associated issues, Cheryl also discussed weeds and weed spraying.

New Business:

a. Membership Meeting: Board discussed and reviewed the HLIA membership meeting agenda and  some changes were noted which will be corrected.  Check in for the meeting will be done at the door by  Ramona D.  Only paid HLIA members will be able to attend the meeting.  Dues can be paid at the door.

b. July 4th: both sailing regatta (3pm.) and ring-of-fire (10pm.) will take place as scheduled.

Motion to adjourn by: Ramona D.,  2nd by Andrew L.  meeting adjourned at 8pm.

Next Meeting: July 8th 

HLIA Meeting Minutes For May 2013

Call to order: by Pres. Swendrowski at 7:05pm.

Board Members Present: Jerry S., Gary N., John V., Renee F., Ramona D., Cheryl R., Andrew L., Ben L., Rich B., Sherry D.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checking- deposit of $3100  (memberships and extra donations) membership is currently at 124.

Bills to Pay:  $644.56 – Spring Newsletter, $780 –  Membership Signs, $200 –  Carp Shoot

Motion to Approve by: Gary N.  2nd by: Renee F.  All in favor / none opposed.

Correspondence:  None to report

Old Business:

a. Roadside Clean-up…All went well there were 14-volunteers. F Two zone reps  worked on their zone the week of the clean-up.

b. Carp Shoot…Only 20 carp removed due to bad weather.  A suggestion  was made not to use BAM in 2014.

c. Goose Nest Destruction…nests found with eggs and destroyed.   Swan nests will be located.

New Business:

a. SOS Report….new committee has formed.  Dan Maurer is part of the committee and reported on the plans for this years race.  A motion was made to donate $600 to help sponsor the race –  The motion was passed unanimously.

b. Membership Signs…signs to be distributed and membership drive Memorial weekend.

c. Goose round-up app. & fee…application submitted with $200 fee to the DNR.

d. Flares…Ramona D. to order this year.  The flares will be sold at the  party store.

e. 88th & Redwood…Pres. Swendrowski reported that this intersection will be repaired this summer.

f. Wheeler Drain…Drain Comm. office is handling issues related to spring flooding.

g. Member’s Meeting Agenda…to be reviewed at the June board meeting.

h. Hess Lake Party Store…the board was informed the business was under new ownership.

i. Water Quality…water tests taken have been taken by Ben Lester and they are waiting for results.  Tests will be performed twice a year

Zone Rep / Member Comments):  Gary Nobel  resigned from the HLIA Board as the Zone 2 rep (effective May 17) & this was his last meeting.  Reason:  he sold my cottage on the lake & will need to move out by June 8.  he is planning to distribute 2013 membership signs to Zone 2 paid members as his last official/unofficial duty.  Gary has  also resigned as the Chairman & Grant Twp. representative on the HLB, effective May 17, for the same reason.  

We all wished Gary the best and thanked him for his years of work on the HLIA board.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50pm.    Next Meeting is June 10th. 

HLIA Meeting Minutes For April, 2013

Call to order: 7:00pm. by Pres. Swendrowski

Board Member’s Present:  Jerry S., Gary N., Ramona D., Ben L., Andrew L., Cheryl R., Sherry D.,

Lake members Mike H. and Bonnie G.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checking balance..$3,212.32

Bills & Expenses: $13 to Drain Comm. office for mailing labels

$100 to members Mark Breen & Denny Brown – gas/food for conference in Novi MI.

Motion to approve: Gary N.     2nd by: Cheryl R.    All in favor vote / none opposed.

Correspondence:  MLSA Conference invite

Old Business:

a. Phone System: Pres. Swendrowski declared this issue dropped due to lack of necessity.

b. Membership Drive: A drive will take place Memorial weekend during membership sign distribution.  A plastic bag will include a membership invite letter with a dues envelope.

c. Spring Newsletter / Mailing List: The newsletter content was decided on and will be sent to print. Current mailing labels have been obtained and purchased from Drain Comm. office and forwarded to Newaygo Printing.

d. Financial Report in Newsletter:   Board decided that financial info will be provided at the annual membership meeting and the fall newsletter will have the budget provided.

New Business:

a. Boat Safety Class Banner:  Board approved cost of $45 to cover changes needed for safety banner.  Lake member Mike Haaser will be taking over the Boater Safety Classes.

b. Roadside Clean-up & Carp Shoot: The board discussed the need of involvement for the clean-up. People or zone reps can pick up during the week of May 4th if more convenient.  The board approved donating $200 for carp shoot prize money.

c. SOS Donation:  The board invited the new SOS Director’s to give an SOS status report at the May meeting.  An HLIA donation will be decided after report is received.

Comments:  Burglaries in neighborhoods over winter and status on dog attack.

Adjournment:  Motion by…Ramona D.  2nd by…Andrew L.  Time of: 8:32pm.   Next Meeting:  Mon. May 13th

HLIA Meeting Minutes For March 2013

Call To Order: 7:08pm.

Board Members Present:  Gary N., Jerry S., Ramona D., Cheryl R., Renee F.
 Treasurer’s Report:  Checking balance 3-11-13  $ 3,222.32   CD value as of Dec. Qtr. $ 16, 114.67  No Bills to  pay
Motion to Approve: Renee F.  2nd by:  Cheryl R.  All in favor of motion
Old Business:
a. Review Phone System ( Lapham, Finkbeiner, VanDam)  Tabled to April Meeting
b. Membership Drive (Rosen)  Discussed getting Spring Newsletter out first / decided to conduct drive Memorial weekend / need zone rep involvement / dues envelopes need corrections / obtain plastic bags for delivering newsletter.
c. Membership Signs (Swendrowski)  Discussed getting signs ordered by April 1st / need to place order with Graphicus for 260.
New Business:
a. 2013 sponsored events (Swendrowski)  Pres. Swendrowski handed out proposed events list / Board reviewed, made some corrections, then settled on dates for events / to be listed in Spring Newsletter & Website.
b. Spring Newsletter (Swendrowski)  Board discussed Newsletter content / dues envelopes /all articles due April 10.
c. Lakewide Mailing List (Swendrowski)  discussed not using tax roll list for addresses / Pres. Swendrowski  to contact Newaygo Printing to have them forward current mailing list to Ramona for review purposes.
d. Financial Report / Newsletter (Swendrowski)  Pres. Swendrowski reported that Gary Novosod requested a full financial report be place into the Newsletter / Board decided not to do at this time and to discuss further at April meeting / Ramona to contact Novosod of Boards decision.
e. Goose Round-up (Swendrowski)  Pres. Swendrowski reported that members Mark Breen & Denny Brown have volunteered to attend class in Novi for goose nest destruction (A DNR mandate) Board approved to give them $ 100 toward driving and meal expenses.
Adjournment:  Motion by: Cheryl R., 2nd By Renee F., meeting adjourned at 8:23pm.
Next HLIA Membership Meeting: Monday April 8th

Hess Lake Improvement Meeting October 8, 2012

Meeting called to order at: 7:05pm. by Pres. Swendrowski

Board members present: Gary N., Jerry S., Rich B., Ramona D., Sherry D., Cheryl R., Renee F., Ben L., (newly elected)

Treasurers Report: Checking: $3,675.76     CD: $16,084.00

Motion to approve by: Renee F.,  2nd by: Cheryl R.,   All in favor & none opposed

Old Business:

a. Phone System (Finkbeiner, Lapham, VanDam) This item has been tabled for the 3rd time to the Spring/March 11th meeting. The 3-member committee is having a difficult time meeting for discussion.

b. Budget (Noble) Gary suggested reasons why this Board should have a yearly budget / Pres. Swendrowski discussed reasons against. Motion made by Rich B. to consider a yearly budget of $6000 to cover expenses / motion 2nd by Cheryl R., / 7-in favor…1-against / motion passed.

c. Swan/Twp. Resolution (Swendrowski) Pres. Swendrowski announced that he had finally obtained from Brook’s Twp. the resolution needed to be able to obtain a Swan Kill Permit if there is a need for. Program is sponsored jointly by the USDA-Wildlife Div. & MDNR.

New Business:

a. Membership Signs (Swendrowski) Board discussed design & color for 2013. Decided on same design in red, white, and blue colors.

Motion to adjourn by: Rich B.,  2nd by: Gary N.  Meeting adjourned at: 7:40pm.   Next Meeting: March 11th, 2013 at 7:00 pm


 Meeting called to order at  7:05pm

Board Members Present: Jerry Swendrowski, John Van Dam, Ramona Deters, Sherry Davis, Cheryl Rosen , Renee Finkbeiner, Rich Bosowski, Ben Lester

Treasurers Report: Checking: $ 3,128.73    CD: 16,084.00 –  2nd CD: $ 1,404.00

After some discussion it was decided to transfer the small CD of $ 1,404.00 into checking account to hold us over until membership dues started coming in the spring. Paying insurance and fall newsletter will use a vast majority of our current checking account balance.

a. Bills To Pay:  Schultz’s Porta-Jon for Band $ 70.00

Motion To Approve John Van Dam  2nd by Cheryl

Correspondence: 2 New Members / Todd Bosowski and Mr. Mikruit

 Old Business:

a. Review Phone Systems ( Finkbeiner, Lapham, Van Dam)

The discussion for this topic was tabled until the October Meeting

b. Mute Swan / Twp Resolution

Jerry spoke to Les Salazina regarding a permit for having someone come to Hess Lake and capturing the swans. Les said it was discussed at the township’s August meeting and will be brought up again at the September meeting for approval. Les informed  Jerry he did not see a problem getting approval to proceed for swan removal.

c. Water Quality (Lester,Noble)

Ben reported that water testing was done again on September 10, 2012. He and Phil Laven sent six new samples to a different lab for results because the lab we currently use reported extremely low levels of phosphorus from the June testing. Ben also discussed the need and methods for reducing the sedimentation in the lake. Ben suggested HLIA as well as HLB implement a ten/twenty year plan to improve the water quality of the lake and it would be done in stages.

New Business:

a. Dog Attack ( Swendrowski ) The two dogs that attacked Harry Tenbrink were returned to the owners on Monday September 10, 2012. The owners were fined by the Newaygo County Animal Control. Another lake resident, Renee Morton’s son, was chased by the dogs prior to Harry’s attack. Her son ran to a nearby garage to take shelter.

b. Proposed 2013 Budget:  This issue was tabled until the October meeting

c. S.O.S. Renee Finkbeiner reported to the board Katie Lipner and Betty Bosowski have decided not to chair the Son of a Sailor 10K Race  next year (2013). At this time no one else has stepped forward to take over the event.

Adjournment:  Motion By: Rich Bosowski  2nd By: Sherry Davis  Time Of: 8:22PM

Next Meeting: October 8th, 2012 – 7:00pm at the township hall


Hess Lake Improvement Association Meeting – August 13, 2012

Call to Order: 7:03pm

 Board Members Present: Jerry Swendrowski, John Van Dam, Andrew Lapham, Renee Finkbeiner, Ramona Deters,  Rick Bosowski, Cheryl Rosen, Gary Noble, Mark Billings, Sherry Davis

Treasurers Report: Checking: $19,370.37

Bills  paid, $289.00  to Travelers for HLIA insurance and $1,000 was paid for the band.

$3,707 was deposited into checking (flares and4 new memberships).

Bills turned in at the meeting to be paid were to Phil Laven for $150.00  this was to reimburse him for a payment he made to a water quality testing company.
$62.64 was submitted by Jerry for reimbursement  regarding additional band expenses for the band.

This puts our checking account at $2,674.00 (this balance does not include the 150.00 or the 62.64)
CD is $16,828
Money Market $1,408.08

Motion to approve report John V. 2nd by Renee F.

Correspondence: Liability Insurance through Buiten Associates / Cost $ 640.00

Discussions  regarding the cost and breakdown of insurance were asked.   Jerry said he would check with Buiten and report back.

 Geese: Jerry talked to DNR regarding permit for next year. Was told for next year we will have to go to the “next step” which involves nest and egg destroying. We will need to train somebody to do this. Jerry stated Denny Brown and Mark Breen have volunteered. We will need to go through Les Salacina at the township to get a permit for this, per John Niewoonder from the DNR.

 Old Business

a. HLIA Banner / Jerry checked pricing for banners. 4′ x 4′ = $75.00 each , 2 for $150.00, 3′ x 3′ = $60.00 each, 2 for $120.00.

2′ x 16′ = $137.50 each, $275.00 for two. Decided to table further discussion until Spring meeting.

b. Virtual Phone System: Preliminary information from Andrew Lapham. Publish phone number with tiers of extensions for available information. Currently reviewing 10 different companies. Will narrow down to 2-3 companies with detailed information to be discussed at September meeting.

c. Water Quality: Most recent samples taken by Ben Lester and Phil Labin showed extremely low levels of phosphorus, which concerned Gary. Questioned wether the Lab was competent with their testing. Gary suggested taking samples again and sending them to a different lab for testing.

d. By-law Change: Renee suggested waiting until Spring meeting to discuss.

New Business

a. Paying Dues: Reviewed By-laws and Members can pay their dues throughout the year, however if their dues are not paid they are not eligible to vote at the annual meeting..

b. Winter Mailing: Problem with ” Snow Birds” not getting the Winter newsletter. There was discussion regarding eliminating the Winter newsletter and publish only a Spring and Fall newsletter. Cheryl, Ramona and Sherry will work on getting a more accurate list of all addresses.

c. Boat Safety Coord.: Andrew has Mike Haasier, 1083 Hess Lake Drive, ph # 231-282-7076 agreed  to be the corrordinator for 2013.


Motion by Gary Noble 2nd by Renee Finkbeiner Time at 8:57pm

Next Meeting: September 10th, 2012    7:00pm.

HLIA Minutes for July 10, 2012

Call To Order 7:05pm

Board Members Present

Jerry Swendrowski, John Van Dam, Renee Finkbeiner,

Cheryl Rosen, Mark Billings, Sherry Davis, Andrew Lapham, Ramona Deters and HLIA member  Ben Lester

Treasurers Report: checking $17,204.72  Savings $1,407.76

CD $15,000.00 (CD money currently deposited in checking account
Bills To Pay 

$42.18, refreshments and Ice Creme for goose roundup

$400.00 Goose Control remove 22 geese from lake

$285.67 Printing costs
Motion To approve treasurers report motion to approve by John Van Dam, seconded by Mark Billings

Election Of Officers  President Jerry Swendrowski to remain as President for one more year.

Vice President Andrew Lapham to assume Vice President postion from John Van Dam

Treasurer Ramona Deters to assume the role of treasurer Secretary

John Van Dam to assume the  role of Secretary

Old Business

a. Goose Round-Up / 22 geese caught and taken away, 9 geese left behind that did not get caught that are still on the lake. Need to have somebody attend a DNR Class in order to obtain a permit to have goose round-up for 2013.  Mark Breen and Denny Brown have volunteered to go to the class.

b. SOS / on track for July 14th, 2012, starts at 8:30am

c. Virtual Phone System Re-Cap (Lapham)

Andrew as gotten some preliminary prices for system , Andrew and John Van Dam will investigate further for more details.

d. Dues Envelopes / Dues envelopes located at Smugglers Cove and Hess Lake Party Store.

Discussion regarding members paying past deadline. Will table for further discussion

New Business

a. Fireworks policy / Jerry recieved an email from Warren Bender asking why the HLIA did not get a permit for our “Ring Of Fire”. It appears the Hi-lites publication in error put Hess Lake as having  “Fireworks” on the lake on July 3rd. Jerry explained to Warren that is was not fireworks, but only flares which do not require a permit. It was decided to tell Warren Bender to contact the Hi-lites directly since it was their error.

b.Flare Sales Report / 60 cases on 6/202012, 2,376 flares (661/2 cases) Party Store sold 2020 flares at $2.00 per flare = $4,040.00 – $555.00 = $3,485.00 plus 10 more sold 10 more x $2.00 = $20.00 + $3,505.00

Flare cost $3,502.00 – $3,219.80 = $282.20 profit. Jerry to deposit money into checking account @ Independent Bank  Newaygo on Thursday 7-12-12.

c. August 11th Cook Out / Jerry is hosting a Cook Out prior to the Band performing that evening for the HLIA Board Members only.  Jerry will supply hot dogs. All others to bring a dish to pass. Come at 5:30pm.

d. HLIA Banner / discussion to have an “HLIA Banner” made for display as various HLIA and related functions.  Jerry has some preliminary prices from Sandy at Graphicus to make 2 signs for $120.00. Tabled for August meeting

e. Water Quality / Ben Lester   Trying to initiate 6 classes Thursday August 2, 2012 through Thursday August 23, 2012. Classes would involve Nutrient Loading, Aquatic Plants, Excessive Sedimentation Water Depth, Wild Life, Social Activities, Resident Concerns. Ben would like to get as many members as possible to attend classes as well as zone reps for each class.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn: Jerry Swendrowski 2nd by John Van Dam  Time: 9:20pm

Next Meeting: August 13th, 2012

Annual Membership Meeting For June 16, 2012

Call to order at 10:00am by Pres. Swendrowski

I. Board intro & Agenda approval….Motion to approve by John V.,  2nd by Gary N.  All in favor.
II. Treasurers Report: (read by Pres. Swendrowski)  Motion to approve by Gary N.  2nd by Mark B.  All in favor.
Membership to date…..228
III. Election of Zone Reps: Sherry D., John V., Gary N. accepted 3-yr. term. Motion to approve by Rich B.,  2nd by John V.  All in favor.
IV. By-law Change: After discussion of by-law proposal it was decided to table for further discussion. Motion by Jerry S., 2nd by John V., All in favor.
V. HLIA Activities & Projects: Pres. Swendrowski discussed with the membership present all of the activities & projects as written on the agenda with special attention given to Tues. July 3 for the ring-of-fire and Aug. 11th End of Summer Celebration. (Live Band)
VI. Committee Reports:
a. Water Quality…Ben L. gave presentation to the membership on the new Water Quality Task Force effort.
b. Birds, Bouys, Boats, Fish: Pres. Swendrowski reported the bouys are out on the shallow points, there’s one family of swans due to lack of membership involvement for egg addling, asked members to adhere to safe boating, and fishing in the lake is not very good.
c. Newsletter / Website: Pres. Swendrowski recognized both Ellen DeLong and Ramona Deters as the coordinators of the Newsletter and Website respectively.
d. Membership Involvement: Pres. Swendrowski once again appealed to membership present to get involved in the association.
e. HLB Report: Gary N. reported on the weed spraying and and various other initiatives of the Hess Lake Board.
VII. Comments & Questions: members present commented on the following…carp shoot, boat safety/enforcement, fish plant, water quality/algae blooms, geese/swans, etc.
VIII. Adjournment: Motion to by Gary N.,  2nd by Renee F.,  All in favor…Adjournment at 11:45am.
*28 member’s were in attendance from a membership of 228.

Meeting Minutes For June 11, 2012

Meeting called to order by Pres. Swendrowski at: 7:04pm.

Board Members Present…Jerry S., Gary N., Sherry D., Renee F., Cheryl R., Ramona D., Rich B., Andrew L., (by invite..Ben L.)

Treasurers Report: Checking: $16, 803.72   Savings: $1407.76  CD: temporarily transferred to checking  Membership: 224

a. Pay Bills:  Newaygo Printing….$74.50

Motion to approve by: Gary N.  2nd by: Renee F.  All in favor & none opposed.

Correspondence: Letter of explanation from insurance company / HLB notice of public hearing / thank-you letter from SOS committee / notice from MRWA about free seminar

Old Business:

a. Membership Meeting (Swendrowski) Discussed meeting coming up and the need for help the day of / handed out agenda to Board members present.

b. Yard Sales (Swendrowski) Crummy weather / all went well.

c. Flares (Swendrowski) Flares have been bought and paid for / reimbursed VP VanDam / flare price to remain $2 ea. / $50 storage fee   for Hess Lake Party Store / possibly next year to have flares delivered to another location and Board members to sell instead of the store.

d. Swans (Swendrowski) lack of membership involvement and crummy April weather resulted in young being born / presently have 4-adults and 4-young.

e. Membership Drive (Rosen) drive went well with positive results / difference between HLIA & HLB / discussed property in trust issue.

New Business:

a. Goose Rd-up. (Swendrowski) date set for June 20th / same crew / approx. 30 on lake / refreshments for the workers after task.

b. Dues Envelope / Party Store (Lapham) have dues envelopes available at both the Party Store & Smugglers / Renee to ask Marty.

c. Water Quality Task Force (Swendrowski) Ben L. presented info packet to be handed out at member’s meeting / discussed dredging.

d. Elections (Swendrowski) Election of Officers in July / 4-positions / need to have Secretary seperate / urge others to step up.

Comments:      Directory on website or printed / voted to have it printed / will be handed out at members meeting with the balance handed out door-to-door by the Zone Reps.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:14pm.    Next Meeting: July 16, 2012

Meeting Minutes For May 14, 2012

Meeting called to order at: 7:02pm. by Pres. Swendrowski

Board Members Present….Jerry S., John V., Sherry D., Gary N., Renee F., Cheryl R., Mark B., Andrew L., Ramona D. & Rich B.  (by invite Ben L.)

Treasurers Report: Checking: $7,506.56   Savings: $1407.56  CD: $15,000  Membership: 206 (increase of 82)

a. Pay Bills: Jerry S. $21.00 / printing     Graphicus $1015.00 / safety banner & membership signs    Renee F. $200 / carp shoot

Motion to approve report by: John V.    2nd by: Mark B.     All in favor & none opposed.

Correspondence: Weed spraying notice / Donna F., yard sale ad’s / Insurance amendments / App for MRWA membership

Old Business

a. Directory (R. Deters) Ramona reported the directory is moving along / membership meeting is still the deadline / requested PDF of artwork.

b. Water Quality (Noble & Lester) Presentation by Ben L. of the water quality task force / both Ben & Gary to give a report at the June 16th membership meeting / follow-up report at the July Board meeting.

c. By-law Change (Finkbeiner) Renee reminded everyone the meaning behind this by-law change / expect active Board members.

d. Welcome to the Lake / Roadside Clean-up / Carp Shoot (Swendrowski) Pres. Swendrowski reported the Welcome Letter has been revised / roadside clean-up went well with 11 volunteers / carp shoot was successful…95 carp were removed.

New Business:

a. Membership Meeting Agenda (Swendrowski) Board reviewed the membership meeting agenda and made corrections where needed.

b. Membership Signs (Swendrowski) Membership signs with distribution lists were handed out.

c. Flares (Swendrowski) Discussed ordering flares for 2012 / Pres. Swendrowski to handle ordering / will order 60 cases for 2012 / new proposal to Hess Lake Party Store owner…1yrs. membership free for storage of flares along with .25 cents per flare.

d. SOS Donation (Swendrowski) 2011 donation was $500 / discussed increase for 2012 / motion made to increase to $625 / motion voted on and passed.

e. Rockin’ on the water (Swendrowski) Event to be held at Presidents residence / request for a porta-jon on site / motion made and approved to pay for 1 porta-jon at the site of event.

Comments: None           Adjournment at: 9:15pm.        Next board meeting: June 11th

HLIA Members meeting: June 9th

Meeting Minutes For April 9, 2012

Meeting called to order at…..7:03pm. by Pres. Swendrowski

Board Members Present….Jerry S., John V., Gary N., Andrew L., Cheryl R., Mark B., Renee F. ( Ben L. / invited )
*Treasurers Report: Checking: $4,731.11   Savings: $1407.40   CD: $15,000   Membership: 124 (increase of 22 )
a. Pay Bills: $200 State of Mich./DNR for goose rd.-up permit    $40 State of Mich. for non-profit status (2011/2012)
Motion to approve report by John V.   2nd by Mark B.   All in favor. None opposed.
Correspondence: Application from West Mich. Goose Control (for goose round-up)application from the MLS&A for membership / Board decided to once again not to join due to increase in their dues.
Old Business
a. Water Quality Testing (Noble) Gary introduced Ben Lester as potentially taking over water quality testing / Gary & Ben to review consultant report on Hess Lake and will then comprise a plan for future testing.
b. Membership Signs (Swendrowski) membership signs have been ordered / size of the year will be corrected / ordered 250 in two color tone.
c. Directory (Deters) Terry D. reported in absence of Ramona that directory is slowly coming together / need for new names as they come in / completion deadline is set for members meeting June 16th.
d. Rockin on the water / Aug. 11th (Swendrowski) Cover Story Band has been hired at the cost of $1000 (budgeted $1500/savings of $500) / performance will be at Jerry’s house / performance time 7pm. to 11pm. / checked with Twp. no permit needed.
****New Business
a. Boat Safety Sign (Lapham) Budgeted up to $200 for a banner/sign made by Graphicus announcing the Boaters Safety Class / checked with Twp. no permit needed / size approx. 3 x 10 / to read: Boat Safety Class, sponsored by, date, etc.
b. Roadside Clean-up & Carp Shoot (Swendrowski) roadside clean-up is Sat. May 5th Board members and volunteers needed / tools & gloves to be provided / approx. 10am. / budgeted $200 for prize money for carp shoot set for May 12 &13 / refreshments will be offered again / Renee F. to spearhead / extra volunteers would be appreciated
Comments: Gary reported a change in applicator for weed spraying with nothing to change in this service.
Adjournment at 8:50pm.     Next Meeting: May 14th   


Meeting Minutes For March 12, 2012

Meeting called to order at…..7:10pm. by Pres. Swendrowski

Board Members Present…..Jerry S., John V., Gary N., Andrew L., Renee F., Mark B.
*Treasurers Report:  Checking: $4576.16   Savings: $1407.23   CD: $15,000   Membership: 102
a. Pay Bills: Graphicus / $25 for extra letters & numbers for message board.
Motion to Approve_____  2nd by______  Result of vote:  Favor_____  Opposed_____
*Correspondence:  letter sent to DNR requesting permit to addle Swan eggs this year.
*Old Business: 
a. By-law Change (Finkbeiner) Discussion on by-law change for Article 4, Sec. 7 / motion made and approved to present this change to the membership for approval at the members meeting on June 16th.
b. Shurmur Property (Swendrowski) Discussed the proposed acquisition of parcel #5 / discussed that parcels #1 & #2 have been sold / discussed the HLB’s position on seeking assessment from lake residents to potentially purchase parcel #5 would not be a favorable move to make at this time /  HLB could move forward if this purchase was considered a project / discussed what is a project ? / HLIA has decided to drop the effort in purchasing parcel #5 / Board present voted unanimously on this decision.
c. Water Quality Testing (Swendrowski) Discussed Clark Aquatics proposal of $1000 to perform this task (not in favor) / discussed the need to seek volunteer(s) to do the testing / Gary N. to contact Mr. Ben Lester to see if he would be interested.
d. Membership Signs (Swendrowski) Discussed & viewed new design / decided on design “B” in two color tone.
*New Business:
a. 2012 HLIA Sponsored Events (Swendrowski) Reviewed and approved the 2012 events list. (now on website under events tab)
b. Spring Newsletter (Swendrowski) Discussed content of the Spring issue / to be mailed out mid-April.
c. Swan & Goose Permits (Swendrowski) Discussed requesting permits from DNR for both events / discussed seeking new volunteer(s) to take over the addling swan eggs task / goose round-up to be weeks of June 18th or 25th pending DNR approval.
d. Directory (Swendrowski) Discussed Ramona’s effort’s in completing the directory / needs help in seeking names.
VP & Members Comments…..None at this time   Meeting adjourned at: 8:53pm.
 Next Meeting: April 9th    

Meeting Minutes For November 14, 2011

Meeting called to order by Pres. Swendrowski at 7:10pm.

Board Members present: Pres. Jerry S., VP John V., Treas. Sherry D., Paul D., Renee F., Gary N., Cheryl R., Todd B., Rich B., Ramona D.
TREASURERS REPORT: Checking $2,934.57       Savings $1406.51      CD $15,000    2011 Membership 210
a. Pay Bills: $350 for property appraisal (note: this was previously approved to pay in October)
Motion to approve Treas. report by Gary N.,  2nd by Rich B.,  Unanimous approval of motion
CORRESPONDENCE: Signed affidavit from Gene Robinson to accept payment of 2012 membership dues instead of a $25 check for making letter box divider.
a. By-law change (Finkbeiner) Discussion on by-law change for Article 4, sec. 7  Note: This was 2nd of 3 required discussions for this change. Final discussion in March.
b. Shurmur Property (Bosowski)  Reviewed and discussed appraisal for parcel #5, Gary N. noted the HLB is seeking legal advice as to whether or not an assessment of property owners can be made to purchase parcel#5. Motion was made by Paul D. and 2nd by John V. to table this issue till the March meeting pending legal advice sought by the HLB.
a. Christmas Dinner (Swendrowski) Dec. 14th is the date set for the annual HLIA Board Members Christmas Dinner at 7pm @ Smugglers.
b. December Meeting (Swendrowski) It was decided by the Board not to have a meeting in December. Next meeting was set for Monday Mar. 12th 2012.
c. January/Winter Newsletter (Swendrowski) Board reviewed hand-out sheet on proposed contents of what will be in the January Newsletter.
d. Water Quality Testing (Swendrowski / Bosowski)  Discussed considering having an outside source handle the Water Quality Testing of the Lake. A quote was requested of Tony Cunningham of Clark Associates (weed applicator) for this task. Issue was tabled to the March meeting.
e. Membership Signs (Swendrowski) Pres. Swendrowski reported that Graphicus will be working on the new design for the 2012 membership signs. Samples for viewing will be  available at the March meeting.
VP & MEMBERS COMMENTS: Members Gene and Sue Robinson attended this meeting to find out what exactly the HLIA Board was doing in regards to the Shurmur Property. They both reported that many rumors were going on around the lake about this issue. After a lengthy and somewhat heated discussion, both Gene and Sue were satisfied with the answers to questions they both had. It was agreed that a note of explanation would be put onto the website (hesslake.com) under the News Blog Section. Please refer to the President Blog for further comments/updates.
Meeting was adjourned by President Swendrowski at 9:03pm.  Next Meeting: Monday Mar. 12th 2012


Meeting Minutes For October, 2011

Meeting called to order by Pres. Swendrowski at 7:03pm.

Members Present: Pres. Jerry S., VP John V., Treas. Sherry D., Renee F., Mark B., Paul D., Andrew L., Cheryl R., Rich B., Ramona D.
TREASURERS REPORT:  Checking: $3,648.60  Savings: $1,406.29  CD $15,000     Membership: 210
Bills to Pay: Newaygo Printing (Fall Newsletter) $374.31  *Note: Bill from Graphicus was announced, but approved to pay previously.
Motion to approve Treasurers Report: John V.  2nd by: Mark B.   Vote: Approved
CORRESPONDENCE: Letter sent to Hess Lake residents from the BLA in reference to the Shurmur Estate and their potential purchase of property.
a. Renee F. introduced a proposed By-law change which sponsors Board members involvement in HLIA functions. First of three discussions on the proposal were held by the Board with further discussion coming in the next two meetings.
b. Shurmur property was discussed once again. Rich B. reported that the appraisal for lot #5 had not been completed and anticipates having such appraisal available for Board review at the November meeting.
c. Mailing List / Directory will be continually worked on by Ramona D. thru out the Winter season.
a. Meeting Days: Discussion on whether the current meeting day (Monday evenings) should be changed to a different day or possibly a weekend day. It was decided that Monday evenings do work best and therefore will keep the meetings on Monday evenings. Unanimous vote of approval.
b. Board member requirements: Was discussed and decided that such requirements will be covered under the newly proposed by-law change.
VP & MEMBER COMMENTS: None      Meeting adjourned by Pres. Jerry S. at…8:18pm.
Next Meeting: Nov. 14th 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes For Sept. 19,2011

Meeting called to order by Pres. Swendrowski at: 6:59pm.

Treasurers Report: Checking: $4.966.49,  Savings: $1,406.05,  CD: $15,000         *Bills to pay: $640.00 (Liability Insurance)     *Membership: 203
Motion to approve report by:  Andrew L.     2ND BY: Rich B.    Vote: Approved
a. Letter to sent to State Rep. Jon Bumsted’s Office     b. Annual dues mailing from the MLSA
Old Business:
a. Sept Newsletter: Pres. Swendrowski reported the Sept issue was being printed with mailing of this issue by this week.
b. Website/HLB Quarterly Report: Discussed whether to have the HLB Quarterly report along with other info on the HLIA Website. This issue was voted against by a vote of 7 to 2.
c. 88th & Redwood: Gary N. reported this project was removed from the “2011 possible list”. Jerry S. to E-mail Les S. about getting on the “2012 potential list”.
d. Shurmur Property: Reported that the BLA is attempting to purchase the property on the Brooks Lake side at a cost of $450,000, HLIA to meet on the 26th to decide on purchase of                                    lot #5 property on the Hess Lake side.
New Business:
a. By-law Change: Tabled to the October meeting.
b. Website/Mailing List: Ramona D. has agreed to contact those who chose to view Newsletter’s on-line. She also will work on a new membership directory.
c. Dues paid after April 30th: Will appeal to membership to pay dues early (before April 30th) this will be mentioned in the next two Newsletters and on the Website.
VP & Members Comments: None
Meeting Adjourned at: 9:16pm. by Pres. Swendrowski

August 8 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Pres. Swendrowski at: 7:00pm.
Treasurer’s Report (given by VP VanDam in absence of Treas. Davis)
Checking: $4,964.95, Savings: $1,405.80, CD: $15,000    Membership: 201    Bills to pay: Ramona Deters for Waterpalooza $843, Jerry S./Printing costs $23
Motion to accept Treasurers report and pay bills by: John V., 2nd by: Renee F., Resulted in all in favor vote.
Correspondence: Letter from Warren Bender (Brk’s. Twp. Zoning Officer) explaining issue of marina at the trailer park.
Old Business:
a. Waterpalooza Report:  This event once again came in under budget.   Home Brew & BBQ was successful but there were not enough participants for water volleyball, kayak races or the  children activities.   It was suggested to the Board not to host this event next year.  The Board discussed having a   live band  in it’s place at end of Summer.   Pres. Swendrowski thanked Ramona and Renee for their efforts in Waterpalooza.
b. By-law’s: Pres. Swendrowski gave each Board member a new printed copy of the By-laws which included the newest by-law change.
c. Message Board Lettering upgrade: Board reviewed and approved lettering upgrade for the message board. Motion by: Mark B., 2nd by: John V., Resulted in all in favor vote.
d. Zone Alternate Pool: Pres. Swendrowski reported the the new pool of 5 Zone alternates is now complete with the addition of new board member Cheryl Rosen.
New Business
a. Sept. Newsletter: Pres. Swendrowski reported the Sept. issue is almost complete and should be sent out on time once again.
b. Road Paving  of  88th & Redwood: Gary N. is the HLIA Rep. in trying to ameliorate the rough road and drainage issue at this intersection. More follow-up coming at the September meeting.
c. Shurmur Property: Andrew L. is the HLIA Rep. who will be working alongside with Rep. from the BLA and others in regards to the potential sale of the Shurmur estate.
d. Website  and HLB Quarterly Report: This issue for discussion & vote was tabled until the Sept. meeting
VP & Member Comments: None
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by: John V., 2nd By: Diane F., Adjourned by Pres. Swendrowski at: 8:59pm.
Next Meeting: Sept. 19th 7:00pm – John VanDam’s Residence

July Meeting Minutes


TREASURER’S REPORT: Checking…$5,642.48, Savings….$1405.63, CD….$15,000      Membership….198
Bills to pay: West Mich. Goose….$48  Traveler’s Insurance….$544  Jerry S……$31.02  Steve Hoekstra (lock repair on message board)…..$50
Motion to accept report and pay bills….John V.   2nd by….Gary N.  All in favor.
CORRESPONDENCE: Thank-you letter from SOS Committee.
ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Pres. Jerry S.      VP & Sec. John V.      Treasurer  Sherry D.  (1 yr. term each)
a. Waterpalooza & Sailing Regatta: Jerry S. reported that to obtain updates on Waterpalooza refer to hesslake.com Sailing Regatta went well, low turn out. Four participants.
b. Goose Round-up: Round-up held on Tues. June 21st, was successful in capturing a total of 33 geese, missed four.
c. SOS REPORT: All went well, 300 participants (most ever) 195 runners, raised $11,000 for cancer research.
d. FLARE SALES: Total # flares sold: 2,202, total store income for sales: $600.50, HLIA Balance after store deduction: $3,754.00, HLIA profit for 2011: $303.80
a. Boaters Safety: New Director Andrew Lapham reported the class held on Sat. June 11th was a success with 9-participants. Recommended a banner for announcing the class next year and the Board approved in doing so up to the amount of $100.
b. By-law Change Printed Copy: Jerry S. reported that printed copies of the approved by-law change will be available at the Aug. meeting.
c. Zone Alt. Pool: Pool as of this meeting includes, Diane F., Rich B., Todd B., Andrew L.  Jerry will speak to Cheryl Rosen for rounding out the pool. Both Andrew & Rich approved.
d. Buoy Labels: Jerry S. requested purchasing sticky labels from Graphicus for $40 to place onto the buoys that will read “HLIA PROPERTY”. Board approved.
e. Left Over Membership Signs: Jerry S. reported that all left over membership signs from both 2010 and 2011 will be used for printing of the 2012 signs using the back sides. Cost Savings measure.
f. Message Board: A request for upgrading the lettering in two tone colors was tabled for Aug. meeting. Board decided not to insure the message board.
ADJOURNMENT: 8:30PM by Pres. Jerry S.     Next Meeting: Aug. 8th

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
Saturday June 18 2011

1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Agenda Approval

Meeting was called to order by President Jerry S. at 10:03AM, a combined roll call of officers and board members was conducted, an addition to the agenda was reported by the President (item e. accomplishments ) a motion to approve the agenda as amended  was made by Gary N., 2nd by John V.,  along with a unanimous vote of approval.

2. Treasurer’s Report ( in the absence of Treasurer Sherry D., President Jerry S. read the report )

Paid memberships thru 6-16-2011   185 members / checking account balance: $943.48, savings account balance: $1,405.95, CD account balance: $15,000 / motion to accept by Gary N, 2nd by John V. along with a unanimous vote of approval.

3. Election of Zone Reps

Zone 4  Jerry S., Zone 5  Mark B., Zone 6  Renee F. each zone rep accepted another 3 yr. term / motion to approve by Rich B. / 2nd by Gary N. along with a unanimous vote of approval.

4. By-Law Change ( Finkbeiner )

Zone 6 Rep Renee Finkbeiner presented to the general membership the proposal to eliminate all of the current zone rep alternate positions and replace them with a pool of 5 zone rep alternates who could be used as a replacement to any zone rep in the event that the zone rep would be absent. The alternate then would have a voting right. A unanimous vote by show of hands by the general membership was taken to approve the By-Law change.

5. HLIA Activities and  Projects ( Swendrowski )

President Jerry S. gave a report along with discussion on the following Activities and Lake Improvement Projects: Sat. April 30th Carp Shoot, Sat. May 7th Roadside Clean-up, Fri. & Sat. June 3 & 4 Hess Lake Yard Sales, Sat. June 11th Boaters Safety Class, Tues. June 21st Goose Round-up, Sun. July 3rd Sailing Regatta at 3pm. and Ring of Fire at 10pm., Sat. July 9th SOS Walk/Run and Sat. Aug. 6th Waterpalooza 2011.

6. Committee Reports

President Jerry S. gave a report along with discussion on the following agenda items: a. Water Quality (no report this year due to mis-communication with the MLS&A ) b. Birds, Buoys, Boats, Fish,  c. Newsletter, Web Site, T-Shirts,  d. Membership Involvement,  e. Accomplishments  f. HLB Report  Gary N. gave a report along with discussion on the following topics: Hess Lake Guidebook, Aquatic Weed Control, Algae Blooms, Dead Fish, and HLB’s next quarterly meeting July 18th at 8AM. at County Drain Comm. Office.

7. Members Comments & Questions

A question was asked if there was a potential to have one company provide trash service for entire lake community. President Jerry S. to check into this inquiry.

8. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn by Gary N., 2nd  by John V. meeting adjourned at 11:22AM. by Pres. Jerry S. ( Total of members present 24, Board members present 8 )



Meeting called to order at…7:10pm. by Pres. Swendrowski
Board Members in attendance: Gary N., Jerry S., Sherry D., Sue R., Mark B., Renee F.
Lake Association Members – Ryan P., Ramona D.
Treasurer’s Report: Checking…$6,385.65, Saving’s…$1404.93, CD….$15,000     Bill’s approved to pay: $15.25    Membership: 159 pd.
Correspondence: Applications received for this years goose round-up. Previously approved to send apps. & checks for this event.
DNR=$200    Goose Contractor=$400
T-Shirt Sale. A committee was formed of Ryan P., Sue R., and Ramona D. to look into this effort and report back at May meeting.
Carp Shoot. To be held April 30th, Renee & George F. will meet BAM at boat launch, refreshments to be served the following morning and previously approved prize money of $200 will be presented to the BAM group.
Flare Report. Pres. Swendrowski reported an inventory of 3-cases left over from last year, decision was made to order 65 cases for this years event, may need to raise cost per flare to membership pending a price check and report from Pres. Swendrowski.
Envelopes, membership signs, newsletter. Membership signs have been ordered with Graphicus, discussed possibly having to go back to mailing newsletter with dues envelopes twice per year. Will re-examine this at meeting in May.
Roadside Clean-up. Will be held Sat. May 7, meet at boat launch 10am., tools, gloves, bags to be provided
Welcome Letters. Pres. Swendrowski along with  the respective Zone Rep will begin to visit new residents at end of April / beginning of May.
Welcome letter, dues envelope, Spring Newsletter and new membership sign to be presented. * Note:  membership sign only if new member pays at visit.
Waterpalooza 2011 will be held on  Aug. 6, chaired by Ramona D.   We will have an Island theme this year, more info forthcoming and anyone wanting to help with the event please contact ramonadeters@gmail.com  The board approved a budget for $2000.
Sailing Regatta will  be held on Sun. July 3rd at 3pm.  The vent will be chaired by Terry D. and is open to all sailing vessels.  Prizes will be awarded for the winner and runner up.
Meeting minutes/website. Board approved to have the monthly board minutes posted onto the website.
Neighborhood Watch Program. Board decided not to re-establish this program due to the Sheriff’s Dept. cancelling it out because of budget constraints.
SOS Donation. Board approved to donate in the name of HLIA $500. SOS event to be covered by HLIA insurance policy once again.
VP & Member’s Comments: None
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Gary N., 2nd by Sherry D., meeting adjourned 8:25pm. (next meeting, May 9th)

Meeting called to order by President Jerry Swendrowski at 7:10pm.

Members in attendance: Gary N., Sherry D., Jerry S., Sue R., Mark B., and Renee F.

Treasurers Report: Checking…$6,599.07, Savings…$1404.44, CD…approx. $15,000
Wildlife Fund…$785.00, General Donation Fund…$385.00

Membership Report: As of 4-11-11 we have 149 members, eight of which are new. This is an increase from last year at this time.

Correspondence: Letter & app. from the MLSA for annual convention. Was decided that unless Rich B. would like to attend we would not be sending anyone from the HLIA this year. We will consider sending someone every other year instead. A request for the Swan Addling permit was sent with no DNR response back yet. Also waiting to hear from Theresa V. from West Michigan Goose Control on when permit would be issued for the goose round-up.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussed dues envelopes not being printed properly. Pres. Swendrowski will look into this with Newaygo Printing. Also discussed that the new website is now up and running and that all looks well. Pres. Swendrowski will send 2011 event’s to Ramona D. for getting them onto the website.

NEW BUSINESS: a. 2011 HLIA Sponsored events…discussed and finalized these dates. Pres. Swendrowski will get them sent to Ramona for the website and onto Ellen for the April Newsletter.

b. April Newsletter…discussed contents for the newsletter. Reports will be forwarded to Ellen from Gary N., Sherry D., and Jerry S.

c. Membership signs…discussed and agreed to go with the same design for this year except using this year a two instead of three color tone. Cost will be $3 per sign instead of $4 per sign. New sign design contest to be considered for next year.

d. Carp Shoot…discussed and approved taking $200 from the Wildlife Fund and submitting it to BAM for prize money for the shoot on April 30th. Looking for extra private donations to possibly up the prize money. Renee F. agreed along with her husband to serve treats to BAM members the morning after the shoot.

e. Lakewide Jan. Newsletter issue…Pres. Swendrowski questioned whether it’s worth or not to continue to mail the Jan. issue to all Hess Lake residents. (lakeside only) Board agreed to continue this practice at least for one more year.

f. Flares…discussed and agreed to selling flares for this years ring-of-fire event from the Hess Lake Party Store only. Pres. Swendrowski will give a full report on flares along with an inventory report at the April meeting.

g. T-Shirt Sale…discussed and tabled this issue for the April meeting, awaiting a report from Ryan P.

h. Waterpalooza 2011…Pres. Swendrowski will contact and invite Ramona to the April Meeting to discuss plans for this years event and to discuss the budget needed and this years theme.

VP COMMENTS: no comments/VP VanDam not present

MEMBERS COMMENTS: no comments/no members present

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn by Gary N., 2nd by Sherry D. meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.

NEXT MEETING: April 11th, 2011


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