May 2014 Message from President

Please join us for our HLIA Leadership meeting Monday, May 11 at 7 PM, Brooks Twp. Hall. Everyone welcome. We will be discussing “resident concerns” in addition to our usual agenda items.
If you did not get your newsletter, please contact someone on the Leadership Team. Hope to see some of you at the meeting.

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April 2014 HLIA Leadership Meeting coming soon

We will be having our HLIA Leadership meeting April 14 at the Brooks Twp Hall, 6 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend so if you would like to come and participate in our meeting where we will discuss our upcoming summer, please do! We will also be getting our newsletter topics organized and ready to put out the first newsletter for 2014. Please return with your dues ASAP, we are looking to have the highest membership ever!

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April 2014 Spring note from President

Hello All
What a winter! Pretty bad when there is so much snow the Winterfest Snowmobile races get cancelled. There is however a hint of spring in the air.

I wanted to let you all know we have seen several publications/press releases about the impact of the winter on the fish. The DNR says fish kills may be common after heavy ice and snow cover melting in the lakes. Besides fish, turtles, frogs and crayfish may also die. The press release also says this is more prone in shallow lakes which Hess is. The kills are localzed and typically do not affect the overall health of the fish or fishing quality.

I will post more of the press release in the April Newsletter so please be on the lookout for the newsletter. With this edition of the newsletter, there will be the dues envelope and we encourage everyone to get their dues mailed in. We will have our 2014 activity calendar in the newsletter along with other reports on wild life, buoys, HLB update, etc.

We still need one more representative for our HLIA Leadership Team. If you are interested please call me at 616-633-5714. THINK SPRING!!

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March 2014 Note from President

Hello All, Hopefully spring is coming, some days I doubt it. This is a good time to begin thinking about summer and how can you get involved with Hess Lake neighbors and friends. We have 2-3 open leadership seats due to folks selling or working full time and traveling. If you think you would like to be part of the Leadership group (we formerly were called Board), please call your Zone Rep or myself. We would love to have you visit our next meeting, April 14 at 6 PM, Brooks Twp Hall. I hope to hear from a few of you. Thanks

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Feb 2014 For Winterfest info please see the facebook site of the Chamber

You can be up to date on the activities for the Winterfest if you go to the North County Chamber of Commerce of Newaygo County on facebook or their own site. It does look like the snowmobile races are cancelled but that is all that appears cancelled at this time.

It sounds like there are lots of fun activities are planned! Hope to see some of you there.

Diane French, HLIA Pres

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Jan 2014 Winterfest

Hello All,

I would like to encourage everyone to join the Hess Lake Cottage Owners and Friends on Facebook. There are over 75 lake residents who have joined the site. It is a great place to stay updated. I found the list of all the events for Winterfest on the site. Hope many of you will be attending.

This has been a long winter for sure, so we might as well get out and enjoy it a bit—– if we can stand the cold! Dress warm.


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November 2013 HLIA Update – Winterfest

Hello All,
I wanted to update everyone on the dates for Winterfest and what is going on with the Chamber. As of this fall, the Chamber has joined with White Cloud, Croton and Grant to form a 4 area Chamber. They have decided to do Winterfest later to try to be assured of good ice. The week long event will be February 7-16. The weekend of the 7th the races will be held on Hess Lake. We are planning to sponsor and man a hot dog sale that weekend with proceeds to the “propane tank fund” for those struggling to have heat this winter. If you are interested in helping contact Renee Finkbeiner or myself.
A couple other items — dues envelope will be delivered with the spring newsletter. Also, the minutes for all the Leadership Meetings are posted on this site so please review. Feedback is welcome.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Diane French

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September 2013 Fall note from Diane

Fall is really here and it sure is quiet around the lake! Many are busy back home with children and their activities or thinking about going south, west or just back in the routine.
We do have one HLIA Leadership meeting remaining this year, Oct 14 at 6 PM at Brooks Township. Hall. I do hope some of you will join us to get a preview of 2014 fun lake ideas.
Just a reminder, with fewer people around the lake, please keep an eye out for your neighbors, we have had a report of a stolen hammock.
Be on the lookout, the HLIA Fall Newsletter will be in the mail by the first week of October.
There will be updates in this blog as we get into winter since Winterfest is going to be a bit different this year and also on a different weekend, likely February and many more activities around the Newaygo area. Should be fun! Will keep everyone posted here since we won’t have another newsletter before Winterfest.
Enjoy the beautiful colors around our lake!

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2013-14 HLIA Board Welcomes Feedback and Comments

Hello Hess Lake neighbors,

This is my first note to you as the new President of our HLIA. I would like to thank the previous Board for their work over the past several years.

I take this role seriously, however, I do not see my role and the person who “does everything” rather I hope to be the facilitator to get groups of members to assist meeting the purpose of our organization.  It was great  to have folks step up to be zone reps/pool reps for the coming 1-3 years.

We will be encouraging lake residents to attend the monthly HLIA Board meeting and provide feedback and comments in order for the Board to be able to accomplish the goals/purpose of our Association as stated in our by-laws. We have 222 members and would love to see this increase even more. What ideas for social events do you  have? What issues need to be addressed keeping in mind the Hess Lake Board has oversight and purpose different that HLIA. (were you aware we have 2 Boards impacting our lake?)

Please attend a monthly Board meeting if you can to provide feedback.  Date and time will be posted on our HLIA sign. Next meeting: August 12 at 6 PM at Brooks Twp. Hall.

We are  also looking for a Zone Rep for Zone 2. If you know anyone or you are interested, please let me know.  My phone is: 616-633-5714

Thank you for caring about the health and safety of our lake.

Diane French


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The annual HLIA ring-of-fire event will once again take place on Thursday July 4th, at approximately 10pm. All flares for this event can be purchased at the Hess Lake Party Store. Cost of flares this year are $2.50 each. Flares are now on sale at the store.

Please: cash or check for flare purchase only. Make checks out to Hess Lake Improvement Assoc. (HLIA) No credit/debit card purchases allowed.


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